Love is Blind S2

This show has now become a sequence of friends and family asking very seriously

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Finally watched the reunion!

I’m sad it’s over mostly because I think Shane is the most fascinating person to watch. I’m just glued to the screen when he’s on. His mannerisms are wild to me. Also feel a bit sorry for him. I don’t think this is really who he is and he’s clearly been having a bad time from losing his dad and is probably still deep in grief

I really got to like Shayne by the weddings episode. Early on, though, he was like a perfect meat-head comedy character from an indie flick, the main character’s buddy. But yeah, he seemed to really find his inner Golden Retriever by the end. He’s got self awareness but he seems to have some impulse control and maybe he can get on top of that.

Shake in the reunion show.

That’s the post.


Nick and Danielle seem to be a bit of an rorschach test as we all seem to be seeing different things!

I saw that as her trying to be a bit apologetic and acknowledging she can be difficult and he just started (very levelly and reasonably) shutting her down by recounting some of her behaviours and how difficult it’s been etc. He often came across as somebody who used reasonableness as a weapon, which isn’t very reasonable.

That said - I think the edit on those guys was probably worse than reality (whereas Shake was somehow probably edited to be better than reality).

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Will we all be watching that Netflix version of Temptation Island?

  • Absolutely not
  • Maybe
  • Who am I kidding? Of course!!

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I thought it was deeply weird that they ran the trailer in front of them all in the show. You could see they were pretty traumatised by having been on LiB and then seeing that new show was like a cold shower, plus 98 Degrees couple just being all “Yeah, another great social experiment” about it.

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My thoughts are based on having watched the final Reunion episode: Absolutely prepared to accept they were edited for maximum story effect having seen them still together after however long and how they were. Like Nick clearly wasn’t nearly as uptight as the show seemed to show him and she is clearly a lot more relaxed. Obviously the stress of the situation weighed heavy too. It made me wonder if they were basically a very level couple all along and they just concentrated on making it more entertaining for us. And yeah, that’s fine. I didn’t watch the show to see people just hanging out but at the same time it is a problem with this sort of thing obviously.

Regarding the reunion I think it is a real shame how bitter a lot of them seemed. Shayne saying Natalie had to take some responsibility was odd in context because it definitely felt like there was a whole lot of stuff we never saw (maybe some of it was when they dated between the series end and the reunion). He’s a very complex sort of guy and it’s hard to get a handle on him. I hope he finds someone with huge patience/calm that he can be with.

Overall I think part of the issue with this as an experiment is you’re matching up the same ‘type’ of person, i.e. someone who’s had huge difficulty having a long-term relationship because of factors of upbringing or how life’s treated them or whatever. And I think two people like that trying to come together is a tough ask. I feel like a lot of them would have been better meeting someone who didn’t have big issues meeting people. Obviously I’m not really sure how that would occur because those people are likely married by now or else very happy not being married. :thinking:


it is in absolutely no way an experiment and it always winds me up that they describe it as one


yes fair, an exploitation then.

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Is there a UK version of LIB in the works?

Yeah. I did find it interesting how the parents didn’t necessarily track as I expected. Shayne’s mum seemed really nice and straightforward whereas Nick seemed like a cuckoo to his whole family. Danielle’s mum seemed to be a classic example of the phrase ‘heart in the right place’ because it didn’t really seem like she helped any of her anxieties but seemed nice and genuine as a person.

I don’t really know about Shake. TBH I think he seemed to be doing fine and they were right that he just went on the ‘wrong show’ (although this is clearly a lie since they vetted him and picked him precisely because they hoped to get an arsehole to stir things up, IMO). Nothing about this process was what he was into really. I’m not sure he could really be ‘helped’ because I’m not sure he has any problems with his life, the idea of marriage is just a thing that people do that he thinks he should probably do too, probably because it’s the only part of his life where he feels like he’s not been ‘successful’. And I’ve no doubt he could find a woman who’d be his wife but obviously that wasn’t Deepti.

I actually didn’t watch all the episodes all the way through on account of my wife watching them while I had to do a nightly work call mostly and because it was so excruciating I had to tune out at times. So I definitely missed all of Iyanna’s background. All I would say is her hair on the reunion was absolutely :fire: and I hope she’s happier now - certainly seemed like the ‘laddish’ stuff we saw from Jarrett must have been resolved a bit now. His mates actually seemed a bit more with it as to what compromise in a relationship might look like so I’m not sure if they have maybe helped.

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Shake’s ego has been bruised. He sees this as the ultimate insult! He spent the whole time putting Deepti’s looks down, describing her as an auntie (which is just so rude!!! Fair enough sister, friend, cousin but auntie!!!) and in the end SHE said NO?! How dare she!
So he’s not fine. He’s pretending to be better than this but he’s taken a lil beating here and thinks it’s weak to say he’s even 1% bothered by it.

And what do we call that everyone?! Toxic masculinity!
Go to therapy shake


Yeah all this is true, but it wasn’t what I was talking about really. He’s a piece of shit but he isn’t someone who will be affected by this. He’ll put it down to everyone else failing and move on. There was no way the programme makers could have helped him to learn empathy or anything prior to the process.

Of course he would be affected by this! He’s still a human being.

Re: Natalie. It does take two to tango!! It was made out that Shayne just randomly went mental and said horrible things. I’d highly doubt that was entirely true.

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Apparently Shake is being absolutely vile on Instagram about Deepti - making accusations about her taking drugs and saying he realised he wasn’t attracted to her when he saw her in a swimming costume and without makeup :face_vomiting: - and also claimed Nick was bi (which even if it’s true isn’t cool for him to publicly announce)

Absolute weapons grade weapon

Just realised who Shayne has been reminding me of: Olaf from Frozen, if they made a Frozen where Olaf takes over Kristoff’s body.