Love is blind S4

what we saying? :thinking:

(starts tomorrow)

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Feels like the last one literally just finished?


Looks like it was on in October?


Not sure I have the heart for another.

Will probably cave


It annoys me that love is only blind for the initial portion of the show. They should have to be romantic via shadow puppets for the entire thing


Word for word this

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Was S3 any good? I enjoyed the first one but thought the follow up wasn’t very good.

S3 was a bit shit tbf.


I think on S3 you could really see the production team trying to engineer drama and recreate viral moments from S2.

That resulted in sone fallout where everybody seemed damaged and not ok, which for me made it a much more difficult thing to watch and to feel like I was endorsing.

(Obviously I know all drama is heavily constructed in the other seasons, but this one felt like it was pushed a bit too hard)

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Like the bit with the eyedrops and the fake crying! So obviously staged, but here I am talking about it I guess…

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Woah. How can it have been a year (it hasn’t been a year, right?)

Twice a year now, like its sister show Love Is Land

I knew there was a reason I was in a particularly good mood today!

It’s not going to be good but that’s OK, I’ll still watch that garbage

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We seem to have a Shake character this year :eyes:

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Episode 2

What the is WRONG with Micah and Irina?? You’re on camera, you ghouls, try not to be horrible

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Saving this for the Easter holidays but obviously very excited for it


That is all

My favourite part of this show is when they live together and go to each other’s flats so you really see how these people are. And what the bunch we have here :eyes:

Kwame’s apartment with his wank rag?!
The way Tiffany grated ginger?!
Zach’s owl artwork and his bedroom door plays Harry Potter when it opens?


Going in

Oh my god men STOP SINGING

Also, I realise this is a show etc and they just want to get to next level but if one of these douches was choosing between me and someone else I’d be like, nope it’s me or no one.

Enjoying asking MrS if he feels I make him a better man every day and if he is like, validated FR FR