Love Island 2018 πŸ’” 🌴


New series starts tomorrow on ITV2 at 9pm.

Who’s watching? @meowington @fappable @shes_so_high

Will it be too overated now?

  • This show is my type on paper
  • This show is a complete melt
  • I’m going to pretend to mug it off but secretly I’ll be watching

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My money’s on the thick orange one from Chelmsford winning.


Gonna watch it for the first time this year. Hoping it lives up to the hype


Last year’s was good. I’m worried it’s too popular now.


It turns out the TV watches this so I’ll be involved. Luckily the world cup starts soon so I can watch that on my laptop.


You’ve just reminded me of meo’s β€˜on paper’ rant from last year :grinning:


Got a feeling it won’t be as good as last year


Just read that. I’m angry now.


Are you angry on paper?


Well I’d expect to be angry on paper and it turns out I am!


Yes! I’m so excited! It’s 10 weeks this year!


You’re kidding?! That means the last week will be when I’m in New York :cry:


Buzzing for this, zero shame. My colleagues got me one of those Love Island water bottles with my name on it as one of my leaving presents. I’m ready!


Same! I’ll watch anything tho so probably will have a great time anyway


Think it’s quite problematic, tbh.

Never seen it.


Probably best stick to the football then eh?



(Yes I will be religiously watching)


I can’t remeber what I said! :joy: Link me up