Love Island 2018 πŸ’” 🌴


Kind of agree. I don’t think anyone’s as funny as Chris from last year. Or as likable as Kem. But then it’s still quite early on. Hopefully it’ll improve.


I think missing the first week was key to be honest.


I missed like the first two weeks last time and still loved it tho :frowning:


Urgh, crap recoupling


Disappointed Eyal got what he wanted but it was clearly going to happen.


Men are dicks, women are silly :woman_shrugging:


I don’t want to blame Megan, Eyal is direct and forward, and Alex is obviously a bit wet. Bit worried that he’s a few Jordan Peterson Youtube clips from going full incel though.


so undramatic


Oh Alex


Fucking loved The Plan.

Alex kind of spoiled it by acting like a sad dad.


Not sure alex can recover now tbh


No one likes a mopey clinger.


What did Alex do? I was half-watching the second half of the episode


All in for Laura (/PO) at this point. Wes too. Good couple.


Alex has totally fucked it

But really - is she worth all this drama? Not sure she’s done anything to justify all the attention.

It’s like the last 30 minutes of a teenage party stretched out over however many weeks it is


Can tell Eyal has used the β€œby the way, you look beautiful tonight” line so many times before. Getting dead creepy vibes off him tbqh


Ooooh gonna be a good un tonight


Oh fuck off eyal.


I’m ten minutes behind. The intro looks like its a good episode!


Wes seems like a low key good guy. Don’t let me down Wes.