Love Island 2018 πŸ’” 🌴


Poor Niall


enjoying the Harry Potter chat. gwan Niall, you Accio her back.

Adam’s a total sleazeball.

not liking the general vibe of MEN CHOOSE WHICH WOMEN THEY GET AND THEY HAVE NOT MUCH SAY IN IT. is it always that way round or does it flip at some point?


Last year it was a woman who had to pick.

Stuff like this happens throughout the series, don’t think there’s any gender bias.


Lol at Niall getting so possessive and jealous after LESS THAN ONE DAY



really looking forward to seeing more of the hippy guy. he’s a massive plank, but i reckon he’ll be a source of a lot of unintentional comedy




Are you loving it so far?


YES. i love those sort of games :smiley:


It’s just a peni(s)nsula


A friend was on the 2001 (!) edition. Back when it was called β€œTemptation Island.”


Hello Love Island watchers. Is this on nightly, or is it just a few times per week? Also, if I’m going to start watching (and I think I might be), should I catch up with what’s happened already, or just jump in?


Nightly bar saturdays I think. I’d try and catch up if you can, it’s only two episodes.


If not I’ll try to give a synopsis.


I’ll try and watch the first one tonight, then another couple tomorrow. I’ll be up to speed by the weekend.


Yes! One of us, one of us!


Adam reckons he’s 22. What the actual fuck? He looks mid-30s at least.


I think Laura looks older than 29 too.


Yeah, I’m not sure about some of them :thinking: Loving it though!


Laura’s voice reminds me way too much of Judy Murray :joy:


Hayley/Eyal won’t last eh?