Love Island 2018 ๐Ÿ’” ๐ŸŒด


apart from take me out, thats quality television. and the price is right.



Itโ€™s painful


I was just about to say, this is fucking desperate stuff.


Heโ€™s attempted to engage โ€œfun and flirtyโ€ mode


He should disengage immediately.


Hiding from the telly


I know right?? I basically donโ€™t post in there because everything has to be content noted/warninged, all triggering links have to be nested, quite a lot of the content note words have stars in them (sl* t, r* pe, some of the longer ones are genuinely hard to work out as a result) and every photo needs an โ€˜image descriptionโ€™ which is annoying if, say, you have chronic RSIโ€ฆ

The big issue for me is that you have to be super โ€˜presentโ€™ to respond immediately to suggested edits on content notes and in phrasing and also to engage with people who have put in emotional labour. And then if youโ€™re talking about a TV show/celeb with anything problematic going on, it turns into BOYCOTT [X]. WHO CAN BE BOTHERED.

(still stay in it tho because it can be educational to learn from and good for when you have a dilemma/complant, but i prefer DiS for all that stuff)


Geez that sounds harder work than my job


Adamโ€™s looking rough


Thereโ€™s a seagull trying to watch love island through my window


Dr Alex & Grace to get voted out tomorrow? Megan & new Alex?


Could be Samira and frankie tbh
Not seen them!


Voted for Laura and jack


Or Ellie and Charlie. Hardly featured, either.


Most of them feel pretty dull and boring at the moment. The show wouldnโ€™t be much worse off if four or five couples got booted.




I want Alex to leave because I think heโ€™s had way too many chances now and is just boring me, but donโ€™t think it was his fault that Grace is clinically dull.

Voted for Samira and Frankie OBVIOUSLY


Heโ€™s the one thatโ€™s dull!
Grace wants to have a bit of fun, sheโ€™s trying to lighten up the convo but heโ€™s dull as dishwater.


Theyโ€™re both dull. When he asked her what she did outside of work her reply was โ€˜maintenanceโ€™. Jesus Christ.


Yeah but come on Alex. Theyโ€™ve been in that villa together for days and heโ€™s only just asking her what she does outside of work?

What on earth have they been talking about?!