Love Island 2018 πŸ’” 🌴


Alex is the worst guy in there, he’s driving me nuts. What a dullard


Think he spent most of that time talking to the other girl! You know the one she should have picked!


He ACTUALLY had a connection with her, despite him saying that he’s had a connection with every girl that came through the door. He picked Grace because he thinks she’s slightly better looking, that’s it. Pathetic behaviour by a boring pink prick.


He definitely should have chosen the other girl.

I think he was being a bit shallow tbh. Going for the fake look which he said wasn’t his type.


Grace is not slightly better looking.

The other girl was very beautiful.


Another old pic of Megan has come out…




Grace is not my type at all, personally. But she’s definitely more of the type that β€˜lads’ would go for than the other girl was, so I think that’s why Alex picked her. Wanted to impress Adam et al.


I don’t even understand the process by which you become to look so different. It’s mind boggling.

Imagine having kids that don’t look like you


MATES. The SHIT Megan is chatting to her Alex. Unbelievable :smiley:


I want to see her get together with Adam and then see who out snakes the other first


Georgia and Sam would make a cute couple


Laura’s losing it


Georgia’s not been as β€˜honest’ and β€˜loyal’ as she keeps saying she has, though. I think Laura has a point…


Wes’ glasses!!


Oh Alex, why did you tell her that?


He seems like a bit of a dick to be honest from what I’ve seen.


That’s Darryl and Adam going home then!


Bye bye Adam!


Ooh Samira has turned into a bit of a bitch???

Too much time with Megan I reckon!


Beeves, beeves, beeves!