Love Island 2018 ๐Ÿ’” ๐ŸŒด


They bicker at the slightest thing. He seems to be scrabbling to keep it together, I donโ€™t think sheโ€™s interested at all!

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ARGHHHHHH. ITV Hub isnโ€™t working so I canโ€™t watch >.< anyone got a stream?


Have you got an iphone? I imagine thereโ€™s a Samsung equivalent but thereโ€™s an app called TV Catch Up you can watch live tv on.


Thanks for the tip! (Samsung user) Found an online stream now tho :blush:


Ahhhh I feel sad for Jack!


It funny though because the girls thought they were in a position of power for the first dumping because there was an extra man and now thereโ€™ll be an extra girl. Watch them graft a lot harder now.


I do wish Jack had let himself be a bit more vulnerable there, but I donโ€™t blame him for trying to save face. Might have played a blinder with the new girls coming in though!




Hope Alex finds someone


and Musclebob Buffpants has got NO personality and is a bit creepy


Bit worried Iโ€™m mistaking feelings of sympathy for the doctor with actually thinking heโ€™s alright.


Aye, if the girls had been all over him he may well have turned out to be a twat


He has plenty of time to shine I guess.


I think he has plenty of time to show that heโ€™s an up-himself professional who has gone on the show to be the token bit of grey matter. The โ€˜I am going to find my wife/ mother of my childrenโ€™ comment re the new girls, was said in jest, but I suspect betrays his actual thoughts that heโ€™s here to pick up a nice wee wifey who will iron his scrubs. I have more respect for the ones who are blatant about the fact that they are hot people trading off their youthful good lucks and seeking fame tbh.

And clearly in his next VT itโ€™s going to be revealed that he cures water blindness in 3rd world orphans and Iโ€™m a cunt :joy::tired_face:


Yeah, he reeks of a superiority complex.

I think the best thing we can do is pass as much judgement as possible now tbh.


Donโ€™t work FinCat- weโ€™re all over that ChezPO. But also secretly hoping that the new girl whoโ€™s a dancer annoys the Doctorโ€™s dancer some more (itโ€™s too early in the series for me to know names). :hugs:


Adam is so arrogant!


Oh yes, there will be a stand off between the dancers for sure (samira)


There is no way Laura is 28


Thereโ€™s no way half of them are the age they claim to be.