Love Island 2018 ๐Ÿ’” ๐ŸŒด


Iโ€™ve got to say Iโ€™ve noticed a fair bit of snakiness from her here and there, like when she encouraged Meghan to hit on Was them pretended to be shocked with Laura and said it was the first she heard of Meghan fancying him. Thereโ€™s been a few other lies like that though I canโ€™t really remember what.




โ€œHe had his willy wonka outโ€ :D!


Oooh I missed that! I went through a week or so a while back where i only watched the second half of each episode (in a crude experiment to prove to a colleague that nothing ever happens in the first half hour). I think i was wrong as Iโ€™ve definitely missed some nuances and been baffled at some stuff.


anything could happen in the first half hour


christ, an enter shikari reference in 2018. iโ€™m so sorry.


Georgia has completely misrepresented the events of the girlie afternoon to her man. Getting annoyed at Laura telling her to shush and saying Ellie was horrid to her. She has no self awareness and rewrites her own narrative of events which she then convinces herself are true. She has no shame about potentially fucking up her best friend Lauraโ€™s relationship with jack2. She fucking believes her own shite!! Classic narcissist. Georgia, more than anyone, needs to see the clip.


Anyone else think Georgiaโ€™s man (canโ€™t remember his name- Alex?) looks like Matt Cardle?


No!!! I donโ€™t mean matt cardle. The other x factor winner.


Absolute spitting image (of the one who I know who you mean)


Laura hassling the guy for not believing her when she didnโ€™t believe his version of events :laughing:


MATT TERRY!!! #mattdamon


โ€œiโ€™ve really excelled myself hereโ€

so tomorrowโ€™s episode is an hour of them all shitting themselves inside out after this meal, right?


Voted for Laura and Sam


Wow Adam really is pretty hot isnโ€™t he


Was just thinking that, he looks SMOKING on Aftersun.


Heโ€™s still being an absolute shit and Iโ€™m sat here going โ€˜you know what, I actually quite like himโ€™โ€ฆ

how does he do that?


Spending a couple of weeks in the sun really boosts peopleโ€™s glow


Ha ha, exactly. Itโ€™s the classic male attraction, be a bit of a dick but also nice and you have women weak at the knees.


He has a really soft voice, itโ€™s really soothing.