Love Island 2018 ๐Ÿ’” ๐ŸŒด


So is Zara a mug or what?




Iโ€™m disappointed sheโ€™s taken a turn like this.


She was literally in tears last week on AfterSun because he was snogging another bird and now theyโ€™re together?

I suppose they just know they can ride the money train for a bit if theyโ€™re together


Not just together, but โ€˜in loveโ€™. Total money grab.

I still canโ€™t get over how good Adam looked last night. Made Zara look plain by comparison. That muggy bastard!




Zara definitely catfished the producers of this show. She really doesnโ€™t look like her pics.


I really pissed off my housemate last night, I was like โ€˜look at him, LOOK AT HIM!โ€™ โ€˜Tell me you wouldnโ€™t go gay for himโ€™ etc etc


Iโ€™m really fussy when it comes to men, and donโ€™t tend to go for any other than my โ€˜typeโ€™. Adam is definitely not my type, but lord almighty have you seen him?


Yeah in reality my type on paper doesnโ€™t translate into who I fancy in the real world but Adam is definitely my type on paper looks wise.


I do not care about Grace and Jack.


โ€˜just chattinโ€™ and giving a few injections and thatโ€™


Never watch Aftersun (and I was out yesterday anyway), but I might have to watch it on catchup after reading all this Adam chatโ€ฆ


Grace is the worst


I was screaming at the tv โ€˜THATS NOT A REAL JOBโ€™


Samira :broken_heart:




Love the fact that Caz Flack couldnโ€™t be bummed to come and tell them in person who was voted out :smiley:


Poor Samira :frowning:๏ธ Was kind of expecting Charlie to go as he seemed a bit boring, tbh.


Hello new boys :eyes: (well, aside from the jeggings)