Love Island 2018 💔 🌴


She’s been awol much more than normal this series.

I think it’s always skewed when the public are voting for their favourites rather than their least fave. The way tonight’s vote went means that people who have lacked positive storylines or coverage (frankie who?) will suffer.


it was pretty obvious which way it was going to go when they gave loads of coverage to both the future evictees in last nights episode


I think it’s cause she’s getting married (but they keep arguing in public or something and they don’t follow each other on social media any more)


Frankie - glad he went. I don’t think he genuinely liked Samira. He told her to her face that he fancied Megan more! I mean who goes out with someone like that.
Grace - I actually think she could have been quite funny if she had been given more air time


I think Samira was more concerned about losing her couple than she was about Frankie actually going.


She was a bit too upset after just 10 days.

I think now we’re only a few weeks left to the final that i’m getting a bit bored? What can REALLY happen now anyway? Jack and Dani will win no matter what so it’s a bit boring. Last year at least it was a toss up between 3 longish term couples but no one seems to be getting any air time what with the recent dramas.

I’m just not buying the new relationships like G and Sam. Ellie and Charlie could be good but they aren’t been shown.


Yeah, last few weeks get a bit shit.


All getting a bit rote now isn’t it? I’m feeling much less inclined to keep watching on the reg, especially with Dani and Jack having it all wrapped up.


I feel the same and I’m not going to sit for an hour each night from now on unless we get some more dramaz. I actaually watched 24 hours in police custody at 9pm last night and recorded LI. When 24h finished, I watched love island on fast forward- watched first few minutes then fast-fowarded a lot of diary room crap and josh’s date, and then just watched the bit at the end. Bed for 10.15 :sob::rofl:


They were the least convincing couple EVER.
Over on mumsnet they reckon alex and laura might have a bit of a spark?..….:heart_eyes::star_struck::face_vomiting:



Would’ve kinda liked Laura and Adam to get together as I think she would’ve stood up to him.


I think I might just settle for the catch up episode now!


I’ve been away for nearly two weeks and am totally out of the LI loop.

Can anyone catch me up? I think I stopped just before the second villa was introduced (is that still a thing?) Who’s still in? Adam has left, right?

Or if there’s an up-to-date explainer out there, point me to it.


there’s the weekly round up show, on every saturday?


Alex (glasses Alex) has turned into a lil bitter bitch.
2 days ago he said him and Megan had a real connection.
Today he’s saying he wants to be put back in the villa to expose her for playing games.


That’s a good call, if I watch that tonight I’ll just have missed yesterday and today :+1:


i didn’t realise until a day or two back that he genuinely won spectacle wearer of the year. thought iain was just saying it for bants.


It’s just so weird?!


i get bombarded with adverts for it every year when the submissions open. always a bit tempted to enter just for shits and giggles,