Love Island 2018 ๐Ÿ’” ๐ŸŒด


itโ€™s just that umming and ahhing talk that you do with your friends about someone youโ€™re into, except thatโ€™s everything anyone talks about


Please can someone shave off Keiranโ€™s stupid beard off I canโ€™t look at it a minute longer


Saw that coming a mile off. She has been largely absent from Mallorca all series and the โ€œunfollowingโ€ thing on social media sounded like a harbinger of doom. Probably for the best for them both- too much drama!!


So unbelievably sad. Sophie was my favourite ever islander and she seemed happy with her boyfriend. So much tragedy in this story.


So weird as only last week she posed in a MRS BRADY hat on insta!
Then now has deleted ALL TRACE OF HIM apart from that pic??
Apparently he was mega fame hungry and a bit of a liar. I feel sorry for the flack


Sheโ€™s so unlucky in love. Wish her and olly murs would just get together and have baybehs.


โ€˜Total nonsenseโ€™ is the first time Iโ€™ve ever laughed at the narrator


Nobody, and i mean NOBODY should be wearing a white denim jacket in 2018. (ok no men, itโ€™s fine in women).
Or a blue denim one with plaid shoulders JACK WHAT THE FUCK MAN.


Oh I really love Sam Bird! Isnโ€™t he so sweet??


Yesโ€ฆ and she is so not into him :frowning:


Why have none of them gone after Megan???


I know :cry:
Heโ€™s too sweet and gentle


cos sheโ€™s a prick?


Think cause her and Wes are pretty much official now


SoOoO lOyAl


Oh my god Idris that is a LIE!!!


oh heโ€™s a baddie


#brokenrecord They need to show the fucking clip!!! #brokenrecord


WHATs that word when you make a woman feel bad about herself so you make her vulnerable to you?


is that negging?