Love Island 2018 πŸ’” 🌴


I like guys with good eyes, good hair, good teeth.
Fucking hell.


(oh I am watching on catch up).



It’s like a proper band tour! Amazing. Won’t be turning up at half of those with two dates I assume. Love the confidence of doing e.g. Stafford to Cambridge though


Mallorca to Peterborough tomorrow night!




I thought the savoy in Glasgow burnt down :sob:




DiS meet at the Romford date?


pardon my ignorance but what the actual fuck do these people do on these tours?


They go β€œIt’s adam from love island!!!”
and he comes out
and they wave
and the girls scream
and then they wander about a bit and people take photos


Then they pull girls I presume?


I’d imagine Zara will be in tow


Wonder how much they get paid


oh wow


I read it looks like he’ll make about Β£306k doing this tour

like wtf


Fair play.

Also reckon that if he’d still been in he would’ve totally gone for Alexandra


course he would have

β€œah cant lie, she’s a good looking lass”


fucking hell, i could basically do that job aside from my crippling social anxiety and not being really sexy


Samira has left