Love Island 2018 ๐Ÿ’” ๐ŸŒด


I will probably die if this doesnโ€™t happen. PRODUCERS, IF YOU ARE WATCHING- DONโ€™T MAKE ME DIE.


So glad youโ€™re all getting on board with this guys :+1:


29 apparently and her social media accounts support that (pics of a recent bโ€™day party, I think.)

My social media accounts had me celebrating my 27th for about 8 years.


The super buff guy looks a lot like Robert from Corrie


Iโ€™m not gonna lie, when Laura first showed up I thought, blonde, glamorous, Scottishโ€ฆ is it PO?! :joy::joy:


haha!! Sheโ€™s a good foot taller than me but everyone in work was slagging me off re her copying my style today (I put the front of my hair in that stupid Pebbles-from-flintstones topknot to keep it out my eyes when working but I can assure you THAT is where the similarity ends!!)


Have watched none of this so far.


Iโ€™m sorry for your loss :woman_shrugging:


Iโ€™m about 10 mins behind but will catch up by fast forwarding the ads.


Alex think that went better than it did, huh?


donโ€™t wanna mug myself off or be a melt but Iโ€™m in love with that Samira. Oh my days


Really? I think she comes across like an utter cow,


Oh she absolutely does, everyone comes across appallingly. What can I say, Iโ€™m attracted to bastards.


Arenโ€™t we all :roll_eyes:


Yaaaaay, MELONS. I could nail this game right now what with my undercarriage of steel from doing spin class at a studio where the bikes donโ€™t adjust well for wee small women.


Iโ€™m gonna watch on plus one so I should be back with some needless bile in a bit.


I donโ€™t think I like any of them



Run from him Kendall, run!


โ€œI like a lot of girls in here but I picked you anywayโ€

Urgh, the โ€œanywayโ€ - she was already with someone she liked! Fuck off.



theyโ€™re all so messy. ffs youโ€™ve been in there like 3 days, calm your tits :โ€™)

glad to see my boy Jack has redeemed himself tho.

who do we think is going home tomorrow, then

  • Kendall
  • Laura
  • Samira
  • Dani
  • Hayley
  • Rosie
  • Georgia

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