Love Island 2018 ๐Ÿ’” ๐ŸŒด


Do you reckon sheโ€™s saying loyal so much to try to make it a catchphrase?


I really enjoyed that task as Georgiaโ€™s been doing my head in :rofl:


Stop trying to make loyal happen! Itโ€™s not gonna happen!


Enjoyed Wes and Megan getting all outraged at being picked as โ€œcouple mostly likely to cheat.โ€


Some of them are really lacking any self-awareness. Big love for Laura and Jack for just grinning and bearing it.


Ellie and Georgia can both get dumped


Oh yeah thereโ€™s a dumping tonight int there. Sick


Who do we think is going? I reckon Ellie & Charlie.


Probs. Or Georgia and Sam.


Yeah. I really want Georgia to go but I like Sam.


I wanted a lot more from Sam, I thought he had the potential to be more fun.


I think I might be over this now
Itโ€™s so dull


Think they need to split couples up again instead of ejecting a whole couple


Yeah, would be harsh on Sam. Whenever sheโ€™s moaning about how unfair life is, his look says, โ€œWow, this girl is actually really immature and needy.โ€


I agree, and I wondered if tonightโ€™s twist was that nobody was going home but that wes/meg and Georgia/sam would be broken up and would have to recouple with the newbies. But actually having watched Aftersun, against all of my better judgement (in my defence, I wanted to see samira and frankieโ€™s interview) they showed a clip from tonightโ€™s show, and I think somebody is leaving.


I assumed that the other islanders would have to pick one of Sam/Georgia and Wes/Megan to leave, therefore splitting the couples up.


Still watching, but it doesnโ€™t feel like much is going on, especially compared to 2016 where there seems to be the perfect mix of drama and silliness every day. Kind of bored of pointless new islanders coming in all the time (although Alexandra seems genuinely delightful)


Who will they pick though? Would love it if it was Georgia.
Was reading something on another forum about G and her massive fall from grace. Although she has behaved appallingly, it all seems to stem from her being pied by Josh and I think we need to remember that she is a very young girl coping with a big and public rejection- and not dealing with it AT ALL.
As this other person said, imagine how different the show would be right now if Wes and Georgia, as the two betrayed couples, had been sent home after the post-Casa Amor recoupling like last year. Georgia was at the absolute height of her popularity and she would have come home to a heroโ€™s welcome, as a #nationaltreasure. Sheโ€™d probably have her own TV show by now. As it is, she has completely turned the โ€˜greatโ€™ british public against her.
Innit funny- at the time she was obviously SO relieved to have stayed in, but in actual fact itโ€™s been the worst thing for her in every way.


She handled the three-way coupling choice with about as much class as itโ€™s possible to muster in such a situation.


Started off hating Georgia, then really liked her, now back to hating her again. To be honest I think sheโ€™s forgotten about the cameras/public perception a bit. And is having a bit of a bratty meltdown as well. The maturity gulf between her and Laura is massive.