Love Island 2018 💔 🌴


That’s what it’s saying online


Dani has 100% earned the right to be a knob but she was being a bit of a knob there.

Reaaaally don’t like dr Alex. Cool Paul is alright.


A few thoughts.

I’m really starting to get fatigue for this now. NONE of it feels remotely natural. We all know that the showrunners will manipulate and try to influence the behaviour to get explosive behaviour, but nothing is a surprise anymore. Even the lie detector test (which is bollox anyway, since it only measures body’s reaction to stress, which then needs to be closely analysed before any kind of conclusion can be drawn) didn’t get me excited. It was so obvious that Laura2 had been set up to ask some totally diddy questions. And that Laura1 was chosen to ask the questions- nah. Just rubbish and I thought she handled herself better than I would have. (also, did the LI producers not admit last year that the lie detector results were made up, or did I dream that?)

Josh and Kaz are just so smug. She is incredibly beautiful but seems entirely vacuous (and again, this could be the producers not giving her good airtime/ badly editing).
Jack2- I felt for him. He tried to answer honestly, and he is in a v new relationship, which rendered some of the questions e was being asked pretty fucking mental. I didn’t think he was very gracious to laura1 though. He showed his immaturity last night whereas larua1 once again showed her maturity.

Paul is BORING. And so serious. BORE off. Laura1 will find somebody on the outside, but not in this house.

jack1 and dani fight was just a set-up- at one point jack forgets his script. So obvious. They’ll get back together tonight ‘stronger than eva’ ready for the parental visit.

Wegan are actually quite sweet now, but so dull. No way will they last on the outside once she gets a playboy deal.

Who am I forgetting?

Ohhh alex and alex. I think Dr alex just doesn’t fancy alex3. She is stunning (imo the best looking girl in there) but some guys just aren’t turned on by the lace boudoir sultry look. He didn’t know where to look and was embarrassed at being lead into the retreat. This ‘relationship’ won’t make it to the end of the week. They’d be better off leaving as friends. DrAlex obvs only gets a boner for posh horsey totty.


This is dull


Applications opening soon. who’s applying with me??


Why didn’t the girls have to do a lie detector test too? The current set-up plays up the idea that the men are sleazebags looking to cheat at any opportunity, why not put the same questions to the women and see how invested they actually are in their relationships (obvs the whole things is bollocks anyway).


can’t be arsed to watch last nights episode really - what did I miss?


Jack and Dani making up. New Laura and Alexandra realising that their partners are just not that into them.


And Laura1 (I refuse to call her ‘old’ laura :persevere:) being kind and gracious to the girls who were upset, despite both of them having mugged her off in one way or another. She is the classiest one in there.


I thought Laura 1 was HILARIOUS asking the lie detector questions. But everyones been slating her as being a bitter jealous cow?
I would have asked those questions and gave the responses the exact same way as Laura did.

If I would have put on that garment that Alexandra did and Dr Alex was like “what the hell do you have that on for?” I would have immediately being like NAH not being humilated like that, go suck your own cock BYE BOY. How dare he say that? So fucking rude.

This years contestants have severely lacked in personality. I’d gladly just watch last years again tbh but live for the chat with people about it


The people calling her that appear to be 19 yo girls on twitter who have fuck all experience of the reality of relationships and their longevity, and the things that can be fatal threats to relationships (i.e. a lack of transparency, one party not knowing what they want/ a mismatch of goals). I do think L1 has a bad habit of over analysing things to the Nth degree, but again I think that comes from her desire to ensure that both sides are being open and her not being made to look stupid AGAIN.


Paul reminds me of Jamie last year, stuck in there by their agent and think they’re completely above the whole show and cringing internally that they’ve agreed to it. Really don’t get why he’s there.


Totally agree, but then, look at Jamie now!




Jamie had a bit more about him though! He was cheerful, quite a laugh etc.

This Paul seems fucking miserable and blank. Don’t think I’ve even seen his teeth?


AND i’m back in.

Come on guys!!
We can do this!!
Let’s make the last week a good’n. We’ve all come so far together (7 fucking weeks! 50+ HOURS of TV!!), no giving up now.


Thought the 19% was quite funny.


The funniest part was clearly when Dani was throwing a little strop and said she’s going home tomorrow and Jack rolled over and went “what time is your flight?” :laughing:


Totally had her number


Dani is me and Jack is my bf. I would definitely say fuck this i’m leaving and he’d go ok bye
I hate that I’m with someone who calls my bluff every fucking time!!