Love Island 2018 πŸ’” 🌴


Yeah, I was on Jack’s side there, particularly with the β€œPathetic” as she stormed off.


Nice wee bit of The Pharcyde to kick us off.

Gotta be New Jack and New Laura going tonight I’d have thought.


I have an irrational hate for Paul. Hate him with every fibre of my body for no particular standout reason.


His beard is too groomed - makes him look like an action man


There’s too much noise


Have not been keeping up with this unfortunately, but the term/phrase β€˜fiat 500 twitter’ has absolutely done me


look at the fucking state of this hot air balloon:



Alex was a bit of a nob there


I feel this has been said every other episode.


I don’t get why everyone in the villa seems to like him so much.


I think he’s probably a great guy, but has some deep rooted relationship issues.


Don’t really understand the impetus for Alex doing this. There’s like 4 days left?


I think in his mind he is being honest which is better than saying nothing. I don’t really get why he recoupled with her though.

It’ll be pretty interesting to see what happens with them now though.

Have I missed the parent visit? That would be pretty awkward!


I am ABSOLUTELY LIVING for thinking about how knee-deep in peen Alexandra will be after the show, while Alex will just cockblock himself at every opportunity.


She’s pretty stunning. I half admire him for being true to himself the other half is like what the fuck is wrong with you mate?


Only half watching this show but she seems pretty down to earth and not full of herself, despite being the hottest woman in there.


Oh Alex


Fuck off alex.


fell asleep watching this last night, so catching up on the end now. the state of dr alex, christ. what an absolute prick.


LOVED Alexandra telling him the home truths. He is pathetic.