Love Island 2018 💔 🌴


Why is he pathetic? I agree that he shouldn’t have recoupled with her if he was in any major doubt, but he isn’t the first person to recouple to just stay in, and you can’t force yourself to fancy someone. And it’s not like he’s humped her and dumped her- far from it- he keeps saying she’s moving way too fast for him and it’s putting him off. Not everybody wants to shag on TV.

Surely it would have been worse if he’d kept persevering/pretending at making it work?


Agree, I think he’s been a bit of a dick/fool but he could’ve been a lot worse here (and others have been)


i get what you mean, and obviously it wouldn’t be ok to carry on something you weren’t into just for the sake of it, but he’s constantly given the impression of never being happy and always being on the lookout for something better. he had already ditched alexandra once when laura2 arrived only to come crawling back when it became apparent that she wasn’t interested.

he’s hidden behind the ‘nice guy’/‘gentleman’ image throughout, whilst simultaneously being quite devious and emotionally manipulative and mistreating basically every woman he’s been romantically coupled up with. he’s completely full of himself and obviously has an insane sense of entitlement and i’m quite happy to see him taken down a peg or two, personally.


As she says, he didn’t really ever honestly think it would work and that he’d really fancy her when he chose to recouple, when he defended his answers in the lie detector test, etc. He’s been claiming that this is all about his wanting to be honest, but he’s clearly been having doubts for ages and yet kept stringing her along.

She called him out and I was totally on her side.

He’s also a fucking terrible listener and just talks at people without it being a two-way conversation. When he kept telling her to let him speak, I wanted to punch him.


Meanwhile on daytime TV


she’s done a really good job on that waxwork of farage tbf…


Yeah, as I said, he shouldn’t have recoupled with her. But he did, and tried to make the best of it. He didn’t take advantage of her in the hideaway, and I suspect that that was the pivotal night that he realised that he wasn’t going to be able to make a fist of this, and it just wasn’t going to work. I suppose he should have said something then, but what do you do? ‘hey, I know we just spent a night together all alone, but it’s made me realise you repulse me!’

He was in a pretty impossible situation, albeit it one of his own making. I can’t see how this is worse than him stringing it along until the next vote.


He also defended his answers in the lie detector that got called as “Lie” or “Undetermined”. Maybe that would have been a better time to be honest with her?


oh yes, the 100% accurate lie detector test which the veritable oracle at delphi. :joy:

But yes, whether by coincidence or tru science, it seems that the lie detector did in fact get it right. Again, though, I can see why he might have felt that that was not the time to say to her.

None of this^ however detracts from the fact that she is absolutely entitled to feel furious, and hurt, and disappointed, as she clearly was, or to say what she said to him. while I have some sympathy with him gamely trying to push ahead when deep down he knew it wasn’t working, he has to take ownership of his actions and how badly let down she feels. I thought she was outstanding and dignified. One of my favourite islanders ever, and she deserves somebody who really likes her.


I dunno, I just think he’s a bit of an emotionally stunted coward.


That too


Yeah, probably!

I’m honestly willing to watch tonight’s episode and eat humble pie if he’s not gracious to that lovely girl and taking some proper responsibility for the situation. I will happily say I’ve got it wrong.

I just think it’s more complex than ‘he’s a pathetic bastard’


Neither Laura, Paul, Alex or Alex know where Vienna is!


Bye bye Alex x 2 :wave:


Dr Alex BYE


Actually they could all be really sneaky and boot out their main competition


What are those shoes jack is wearing with his shorts?!


Wtf was the point in all that drama of them having to chose if they didn’t get sent home immediately!?? They made it out like the islanders were gonna chose who got to go home but then at the end it was a public vote?? Weird


Felt like the producers fiddling with things as they went along- the only drama at the moment is being created by the Alex’s, so once the producers knew they were the most voted for couple they changed it to a public vote.


Yeah they engineer as much as they can, it’s been extremely noticeable this year (keeping wes and Georgia in for example)