Love Island 2018 💔 🌴


Finished series 1 of this last night, the programme has changed a hell of a lot in just a few years. It feels to me like they’ve deliberately stopped putting in ‘oi oi banter’ lad types- or at least softer versions of them. There’s far less shagging shown these days too.

Thought most Islanders in series 1 were reprehensible human beings, not so much in the current series (although there have been a couple).


Did you watch last years?


Nope… I started but didn’t get into it so pied it off. I’m guessing it was oi oi and saveloy all over the shop then?


Last year’s was better than this year’s.


Last year’s probably showed more banter and friendships between the cast plus shagging and much less of the partner swapping/dumping.


Alexandra’s mum :heart::heart::heart:


Shit episode


she’s fucking great. big fan of the sniping about his sunburn.


Why are they all in bikinis?? Put some fuckin clothes on meeting your boyfriends dad for the first time


Imagine meeting your boyfriends parents for the first time with your arse and tits hanging out.


Grandad bruv :rofl:


I didn’t think I could love Dani any more but she is such a gem!! :gem:


This is brilliant :heart_eyes::joy:


absolute tv magic, that. fucking hell.


Give the whole family a show


Dani’s parents was everything I wanted and more!!
It’s made this whole season worthwhile


there’ll be an osbournes-esque fly on the wall series starring the dyer/dyer-fincham family before the year is out, surely.


surely, SURELY alex has to go this time

(edit: felt bad about calling him
dr zoidberg as zoidberg is much more likeable and less pink)


I reckon

1st Dani and jack
2nd Laura and Paul
3rd Wes and Megan
4th Kaz and Josh


1st Dani and jack
2nd Wes and Megan
3rd Kaz and Josh
4th Laura and paul