Love Island 2018 πŸ’” 🌴


Should be

1st Jani
2nd Jaz
3rd Paura
4th Wegan


Actually yeah it’s this


I think jaz and wegan are equally disliked by the public!!


I think:

  1. Jack and Dani
  2. Kaz and Josh
  3. Wes and Megan
  4. Laura & Paul


I’d prefer:

Jack & Dani
Kaz & Josh
Laura & Paul
Wes & Megan


How shocked are we all gonna be if Jack and Dani don’t win tonight?

Also guys can I just say what a wonderful time i’ve had sharing this years Love Island experience with all of you.


There’s not a chance they don’t win. I’d bet my balls on it.

Right back atcha!


Anyone for True Love or True Lies?

Starts net week and is on every night!


I cannot see it happening but I would be shocked and devastated if it happened. Think the only reason you’d vote for another couple is if you’re trying to edgily troll Fiat 500 Twitter or haven’t actually been watching the show but want to support your edgy troll mates. I guess also if you assume Jani have it in the bag and want to support another islanders that you like, but that just reminds me of this tweet


What the hell os this Fiat 500 thing? I saw it for the first time last night and was just :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


It’s meant to be like very basic people who tweet inane stuff about Nandos, really basic truisms, them or their other halves doing normal things that are framed as some kind of weird behaviour, saying β€œa” instead of I without being part of Scottish Twitter… stuff like that if that makes sense. It deffo is a thing.

They are seen to be militantly pro Jack and Dani and militantly anti Megan/Wes and Josh/Kaz, so Black Twitter thinks they are really racist for continuing to hold grudges against formerly muggy contestants who have been in steady couples for a month. They possibly have a point on that front tbh.


Omg reading that back makes me realise how ridiculous Twitter is


Apparently bookies are already paying out on Jack and Dani…


Yeah, Jack and Dani were 1/7 at the start of the World Cup. Scenes if they don’t win.


Imagine if one of Dani and Jack stole all the money tonight


oh yeah forgot that was a thing


what? so they get the option to dump the other winner and take all the money?


yeah it’s just one big episode of golden balls


Who are you voting for?

  • Jack and Dani
  • Wes and Megan
  • Kaz and Josh
  • Laura and Paul

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Would DEFINITELY be a more consistent viewer of Love Island if Jasper Carrot did the hosting/ Caroline Flack role.