Love Island 2018 πŸ’” 🌴


Wes & Megan: 3 months
Jack & Dani: 2/3 years
Laura & Cool Paul: 2 weeks if that
Josh & Kaz: potentially forever


Obviously it’ll have been totally cynical from them, but I wish I had the spontaneity and disposable income to ruin a fancy dress by jumping into a pool in it


yeah that just made me cringe.

Also Dani yesterday saying β€˜nah, my dad won’t come to the villa… he works five days a week!’ as if that is some incredible work ethic from her dad


And then he video cams her just sat about at home with her mum :smiley:


Haha yeah, oh like almost everyone else on the planet then Dani?


Has Dani seen THE kiss yet…?


Still get goosebumps watching Dani sticking with Jack and Georgia sticking with Josh in the Casa Amor recoupling


After all that backlash about them barely showing Samira or her story with Frankie all they’ve shown in this montage is her leaving like she had no role there at all


Feel like this 7 minute montage has actually captured everything (significant) that happened in this season


Jaysus mary and Joseph, megan’s boobs. :hushed::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


(i’m about ten mins behind as I went to take off my makeup during the cringey speeches and then my tot cried for a bit.)


How come fake boobs are always SO shiny?


He can also jump so high! I’d like to see more of him jumping high


I think New Jack was probably the most entertaining of all contestants. New jack and Wes were such a good combo and I wished they’d focussed more on that like they did Chris and Kem last year.


I wonder if it’s because the skin has been stretched so tight to accommodate the extra volume of the implant?

She’s such a lovely looking girl, it’s just all very eye-popping in contrast to her look earlier on this eve!


I knew Laura and Paul would be second!!


Those Misguided dresses cost like Β£8, how have you missed all the adverts.


Yeah that’s what I think but I thought over time it might grow more to make room, I’m now fascinated by the skin part of boob jobs! (Why don’t you get stretch marks? What if you get ones too big for the skin you have to hold them?)


During the adverts I mute the ITV Hub tab so I can continue watching Love Island 2016 on my Netflix tab.


Seek help.