Love Island 2018 ๐Ÿ’” ๐ŸŒด


Where can I get series 1? Itโ€™s the only one Iโ€™ve not seen.


Me too but I think they had quite a tumultuous relationship anyway and wouldnโ€™t be surprised if theyโ€™re not back on soon. She shouldnโ€™t though cause heโ€™s a knob.

Also ERR CELEBS GO DATING!!! Itโ€™s got Olivia from last year and Eyal from this year on it


i like how they reunite them to find out how theyโ€™re getting on in the real world a mere 6 days after the finalists have left the villa!

other then their press commitments and so on, presumably dani and jack are going to be pretty much constantly banging between now and then to make up for their restraint in the villa?


NFL preseason starts on Thursday!


Great British Menu is back on some time in August thank god


โ€œDonโ€™t let Corbyn mug you offโ€ mugs. faaaakin hell.


sometimes, when i see things like this, i catch myself thinking that the tories are so utterly shit that itโ€™s almost a bit endearing.

but then i remember that theyโ€™re terrible cunts who are ruining everything and i hate them all over again.


If last years is on Netflix watch that. It was loads better


Favourite: Dani
Honourable mentions: Old Laura, Alexandra, Samira
Most entertaining: Hayley (WHY YA FUMIN), Georgia

Fave: Old Jack
Most entertaining: New Jack, Niall, Wes (DO BITS SOCIETY)


I definitely think that it would have made for a more entertaining series of Hayley and Rosie would have stayed in longer.


Shit I forgot about Rosie! She entertained me too.

I guess Megan and Adam were entertaining for their muggy behaviour butโ€ฆ


my sisterโ€™s boyfriend trained with dr alex and knows him a bit*, and she and her boyfriend both know his mate who came in on parentsโ€™ day:

*i did my best to grill him for interesting gossip when we were at latitude together the other weekend, but he didnโ€™t have a huge amount to say


New Jack grew on me quite a lot. Thought he was a bit of a dick, but then realised heโ€™s a decent guy and heโ€™s just really young.


Think Niall would have gone a long way. One of the few I reckon Iโ€™d have had a pint with


He was hilarious! Especially his songs.

Plays for a team in Tonbridgeโ€™s league so if he sticks around Iโ€™ll be seeing him in March.



Vote breakdowns are out

Absolute lol at Dani and Jack getting 80% in the final.

Some of those Alex percentages though, why lord why?


called it

(ffs just realised this article is really old. iโ€™ve only just seen it!)


Oh mate


My daughter met Wes and Megan at Reading apparently

They wondered through the campsite with a camera asking people who they were going to see etc for something or other