Love Island 2018 πŸ’” 🌴




Nooooooo :frowning:


Fuck β€˜em.


I knew they wouldn’t last




:laughing: it made financial sense for my personal brand to persue this as a solo venture :laughing:


As a result of the news it’s back


Apparently Wes and Megan, Josh and Kaz and even Adam and Zara are all still together. Unbelievable.



They’re all the worst couples though!


Josh and Kaz will go the distance imo (2 years)


This has reminded me how shit that series was.


Really miss the days of Love Island, World Cup and endless hot weather.


Looks like they’re living separate lives on instagram


This minus World Cup

Glad that shits over for a while


More of a Euros fan, huh? Only 18 months to go!


UEFA Nations League finals next summer too!


No, wait. Love back on?




Back on because they have a tv series out in jan and a Christmas special and the tv bosses have given them a bollocking / it was all just a publicity ploy :woman_shrugging:

Or that


She’s got an advice book coming out next year hasn’t she. Now, I love Dani jnr as much as the next person but she’s 22!!