Love Island 2018 ๐Ÿ’” ๐ŸŒด


Oh what an arse.


Urgh someone called me 10 minutes ago and I missed all that. :rage:


Adam is grim, and as if heโ€™s 22? Same with Laura, no way sheโ€™s only 29?? She left off her age in the beginning intros as well didnโ€™t she. Kendall seemed to nice and normal for this show anyway, but I rly thought eyal would choose her over hayley


She looks 29 with her make up on but definitely not without. If thatโ€™s her at 29 I feel sorry for her at 40 tbh.


True, I think Iโ€™m still annoyed at the thing she said about stealing her friends boyfriend :joy: if she was a nice person you wouldnโ€™t even notice really


My kids are watching this religiously so it appears Iโ€™m now watching this too.

Itโ€™s pretty good fun - but would it be better if they had a more diverse range of people? Dunno. Suppose they have a winning formula


Iโ€™ve been thinking about the diversity issue a lot. I canโ€™t see how they could stick with the current format and introduce a bit more diversity, sticking a token disabled or larger person in wouldnโ€™t work as theyโ€™d just get dumped out immediately. Read a lot of tweets from black people saying thereโ€™s no point them going on as thereโ€™ll always be the last picked. So the only way I could see diversity working would be to ditch the Essex vibe completely which should be doable as supposedly 85,000 applied. But would it be as entertaining?


Yeah Eyal bottled it, imagine listening to a conversation between those two though :joy:


Get Hayley gone


Think Wes is a bit hard done by here


I think most lads at some point have done that.You eventually learn to keep your mouth shut.


Dammed if you do, dammed if you donโ€™t


Urgh Laura can shut up. Wes did the right thing. If one of the lads spoke badly about one of the girls behind their back then one of the girls would tell the girl.


Spot on


Laura is fine imo. Eyal is a big drama llama who thinks heโ€™s the fucking bees knees.

Have to say though, big fan of the fact that when anyone wants to have a meaningful, private conversation with anyone, the just scream their name across the grounds until the come over.


Haylay + Eyal = hey yall


Laura has really grown on me. I suspect she was harshly edited in the first few days. She also seems to have relaxed a lot more as the days have gone by. I hope that the clip at the end of last nightโ€™s show, where she goes on a date with a new guy, doesnโ€™t lead to her being a dick to lovely wes :tired_face:


Anyone seen Meghanโ€™s instagram? Woof.


Niall has left Love Island for โ€œpersonal reasons.โ€


Spoilers ffs!

Aww :slightly_frowning_face: