Love Island 2018 πŸ’” 🌴


I watched half of last nights episode. I’m hoping I can get into it but immediately wasn’t feeling it!


Last nights was the worst so far. Did you watch the first week? If not watch the Aftersun episode on catch up as it’s basically a summary of the whole week on one hour.


I missed it all! I may do a catch up if I can but feel like I should just jump in now.

Not sure I like the Flack tbh. Although I do know the Mac Twins that DJ on Aftersun cause they work at the gym I used to go to :smiley:


Shame, he was good value


He was a bit of fun


Ah I liked Niall


Pick alex FFS


Felt like the producers were trying to lead us towards thinking she would pick Alex there. My money would be on eyal but my heart with alex


Hate when guys are all pressury like this


Eyal is a fucking prick. Thinks he’s spiritual the fucking sunflowers in our garden are more spiritual than that dumb fuck.


Oh fuck off


β€œI didn’t realise Alex was standing there”

Of course you didn’t Eyal.


I really don’t like Eyal. He’s sneaky.

Argh, the recoupling is tomorrow.




He’s a Tory this Eyal.


One of my friends on facebook summed it up when he said β€œi’d bet you all the money in the world that eyal has a shark tooth necklace.” :joy:


I hate it when they make it seem like the recoupling is happening in the current episode and then leave you hanging. I was watching it an hour behind, and I was so tired I could have so happily gone to bed and missed the second half of the episode. But I stayed up because I didn’t want to miss the r/c. Production cunts. Thinking of banning myself from watching the daily shows and just doing the weekly catch up.

As an aside, does anybody watch Unreal? It’s fucking magic and although it’s fiction, it’s a pretty good insight into how show runners and production teams get the content they want out of these nitwits.


Yeah, I like Unreal. Felt like this season that it had started to run its course but they’ve finished season 4 already apaz.


I’m struggling a bit with s3 I have to say! But that’s perhaps because I rarely have the time to have a god run at a few episodes. I’m wfh today so I may see if I can squeeze one in over lunchtime.


Tried again last night and still it’s not grabbing me. I’m worried i’m not going to be able to get into it this year and be left out!!!