Love Island 2019 ❤️

YES Anton is trending on Twitter :smiley:

I duno. I mean everyone knew he was going on the dates, and before he even had his shirt on she was kicking off. She’s just that type of person. That would give anyone second thoughts, and fucking stupid/arrogant of her to do that before he gets a chance to meet two newcomers. At least she got a lot of attention though, she’ll be delighted with that.

Moneys on yewande and danny

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Good shout

I thought that and all.

Hope they’re getting em pished again tonight

Factor fifty, mates

Mica Levi leaves the thread relieved, but feeling sorry for her old bandmates

Everyones a bellend really

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Like Lucy now.

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Maura is gross. That was way too much and bordering on uncomfortable

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Aye made me properly cringe on many occasions tonight

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Maura’s properly playing Tommy and not in a nice way. She’s far more experienced than him and challenging him on his confident big man persona. It’s unsettling, but the reverse happens to women all the time.

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Thomas is oblivious to everything, it’s amazing.

He’s so in the bubble, it’s incredible. It’s like he’s a 30 Rock character. I think the highlight of the season so far is when he brought up his muscles keeping her warm.

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I’m glad I’m not the only one suspicious of Curtis. From the start he’s come across as a high self monitor playing a character that he thinks would win Love Island. It was kind of fun seeing him slowly realize today he might have bet on the wrong person to couple up with, you can basically pinpoint the moment.


Lucie - hate girls that are all “I get on better with boys cause girls are drama” whilst crying and causing shit loads of drama over a passing joke Amy made
Maura - uncomfortable to watch (but entertaining). Won’t follow through with her sex talk. Can put money on it being an act. Also v predatory. Imagine if a bloke was saying that or forcing a kiss on to a girl!!
Molly-Mae - oh girl he’s mugging you right off, let him go before you make yourself look like more of a fool. She needs to do a Rosie to Adam!
Tommy “I hate shapes” Fury - god he’s such a div

Na, you can hate drama and definitely still be upset when you’re on the receiving end of people’s bullshit. Seeing Amy backtracking and Lucie accepting her apology was really painful. Amy seems like a bit of a spoilt brat tbh.

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I disagree! Lucie is clearly a girl who would ditch all her mates as soon as she gets a boyfriend…then when that doesn’t work out, she’ll be back crying to the girls.
Amy has a very valid point. Amy and Lucie were close when they first got in there then Amy was discarded. Lucie fully admitted that she was there to find a boyfriend and not friends which is a very different stance to what the other girls are there for.
Amy’s comment was clearly a joke! The way Lucie and whatshisface reacted was ridiculous and drama for no reason!

Lucie should not be on this show. She is far too emotional and insecure to be able to deal with this manufactured environment without it having a bad and lasting impact on her MH. I see lots of issues in her I had in my 20s and my saving grace was not airing them to the entire UK. I really hope she leaves soon.