Love Island 2019 ❤️

GF has started watching this through a combo of hangover and being ill. It’s quite enjoyable, though the music is grating. Maura is an absolute hoot, I know so many women like her here.

We’re only up to Casa Amor now though so I think there’s a fair bit of catching up to do still.


I missed last nights episode cause I was out and i’m concerned I have no desire to watch it!!

First Look has cracked me up, best Anton content in ages

Complete tool but that’s what I was hoping he would be originally!!

What’s he done?

So what, they’re not exclusive, or half girlfriend/boyfriend etc or whatever bollocks the contestants like to say

Plus they’re clearly not into each other

Very confused as to why he’d give his (presumably UK) number to a supermarket cashier in Mallorca who apparently doesn’t speak English tbh

he’s been stitched up by the producers who probably encouraged him to do it



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That’s not how you make garlic bread

Wtf was that!

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I can’t tell how Belle is gonna react. She could either flip her lid or might just laugh it off?

so… much… tongue

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Tommy speaking Spanish :joy::joy::joy:

We all like Ovie, right?

Unless he’s been a nobber in the last few days - I’m a little behind.

We like him but wish he’d stop doing the silly voices


Might (definitely won’t) sack off the weeknight episodes and just watch the unseen bits on a Saturday (it’s really good). Joyous stuff.

And watch Mondays for the recouplings

Unseen bits was great last night. No idea why they’re not showing some of that stuff.
Maura slow motion falling over when walking to the double date with Curtis :joy:
George asking amber what her fave crisps are :joy:
New boy with annoying hair talking about spinners dick :joy:

Just watching last night’s

So basically they’re all just having a laugh like 90% of the time with their mates and then get told to turn it on and pretend to be in relationships for the other 10%