Love Island 2021


Contestants: Meet the Love Island contestants for 2021

(I absolutely hate how much I love this)

Didn’t make it through last time but IN for this one. Make or break.

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Got really into the Curtis / Tommy / Amber series (was that all the same series?) but never stuck with one since. Guess we might stick this on but it’s so much to keep up with.

Not sure if I’ll tune into this… (I’ll definitely end up tuning in won’t I)

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I don’t think series 3 will ever be bettered but maybe that’s just because that was the first one I ever watched


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do do-do do-do DO do-do do-do

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Might tune in if there’s good thread bants. Couldn’t be arsed with the last couple, mind.


Anyone joining the watches the next day whilst wfh crew?

  • Live only
  • Same day watcher
  • Next day watcher
  • Only watch the Saturday night best bits

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I think I tended to watch them in the day last time around actually or a mix of live and day

On +1 assuming the footers doesn’t overrun. Too much TV!

Lol at the start when they pretend they’re there to find love


Brad has a bit of a youth pastor vibe

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Hugo really reminds me of Frank Turner

Should have kept watching the football ffs

Live today but whenever tbh, usually not more than a day or 2 after

Yeah it’ll depend what’s going on with the football and weddings I’ve got coming up, I’m watching tonight’s live but sounds like I shouldn’t have switched over from the football

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What’s this “I’ve got a voice note “ shit


Ngl I hate these little animals before the advert breaks. Little pricks, all of them

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