Love Island 2021

That hour absolutely flew by, need some light entertainment after that

I’m gonna have to watch Cooking With Paris…

What Faye said to big Matthew was terrible as well


Tonight I watched:

The last 2 episodes of This Way Up
The Suranne Jones thing I Am Victoria
This episode of Love Island

Feel like I’ve gone through the ringer. An absolute shell of my former self after all that

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GF had to turn that off, was too distressed watching it. There was no entertainment value in that.

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We’ve put on Ted Lasso to remember that some people are nice

‘Drag Race All Stars’ here.

GF has gotten my brother’s address from him so she can make a complaint to Ofcom! Never seen her so annoyed.

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The producers/security should have probably intervened after a point there. Yelling and shouting repeatedly for an hour (or hours?) must have made the rest of the villa feel unsafe and frightened.

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Obviously a cheap point to make, but a fella getting on like that would never have made it to air.


Finding out Faye is an estate agent and everything is making much more sense

Not going to comment on the Faye/Teddy thing because it is all so pissing obvious and been said.

What is interesting and probably worthy of an Athletic deep dive is that the 2 that remained loyal in casa armour are the ones now catching grief while others are basically on their way to getting away with it.

Also were they all given more booze cause a few of em never seemed to have a drink out their hand.

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Genuinely think there’s more beeves to be had tbh. They don’t all need to be had at a billion miles per hour ala Faye but if Luke gets away with his shit stirring, and the rest of the lads get a ‘oh, lads holidays!’ Style bullshit laugh it off pass… really…

Big up Irish Matt. My heartthrob :heart:

I don’t think they’re done with Jake yet, but right now no one wants to throw petrol on the fire so they’re holding off

It’ll be really awful if the person worst affected by all this is Teddy for a bit of flirting he didn’t even act on

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The producers don’t seem to get that people don’t want THEM to cause the drama, the entertainment comes from watching gym people explore lust and love and get pied and have stupid chats and form love triangles and get flustered and yeah, maybe have a barney once in a while but not a one-way torrent of abuse caused by some misunderstandings


Starting to wonder if they’ll actually kick her off now. Just based on how it’s gone down on Twitter. Probably not though.

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Getting annoyed at this again just thinking of it. Please get rid of her.

By the way Chloe 100% did this face deliberately the other night knowing it’d become one of those memes/popular on Twitter, she’s probably never pulled that face before naturally ever. Just wanted to get that off my chest.

I’ve warmed a lot to Irish Matt and hope he stays. He seems like a laugh and a decent guy.


  • a record levels of Ofcom complaints
  • a statement from ITV about better level of mental health support this series
  • a conversation has taken place between the producers and Faye/Teddy behind the scenes about their feelings/wellbeing
  • a very different tone for the Sunday night episode, massively edited to present the ‘fun’ and ‘friendly’ side of Love Island.

Catching up at the moment. This is fucking stressful. Why are people fucking shouting so much stoppp

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