Love Island 2021

FINALLY this series gets good!

Feel bad for Georgia and she seemed really nice.


Hugo is the nerd swooping in to save the cheerleader in a John Hughes movie, but he’s mostly just desperate for a Hot Girl’s approval

SORRY BUT the more I think about it, the more I feel really really sorry for Georgia. Hugo could have thrown out a cursory ‘It was really nice getting to know this girl, but I have to back my mate’, felt brutal watching him go off on ‘This girl is STUNNING and SO SMART and AMAZING’ with Georgia just there like, oh right so he’s definitely not choosing me.

Hope we finally get Chloe out and she takes Hugo with her.


Sometimes I look in the football thread and I’m like, ‘wow lads, it’s just a game! Calm down, go outside!’ Then I catch myself in Love Island season ready to start making voodoo dolls and simply cannot take my own advice.


Man Toby is like an alien. Why does everyone have to keep explaining basic emotions to him


i like how chloe’s accent changes a bit when she’s angry

Sorry but Hugo is still a massive pranny



Hugo knows one saying so everyone just repeats it endlessly (have your cake and eat it)

This is what we want to see in men in 2021!! Call out your mates toxic behaviour!!!

I’m going to bed a lil worried about Hugo tbh. Don’t wanna see him cry again :cry:

Meow. Hugo literally just wants to bang Chloe, he even said something like “who knows, stranger things have happened” in his recoupling as in, “maybe now I’ve saved you, you’ll repay me with romantic affection”. He’s slime.

He encouraged Toby to stray from Kaz, he wouldn’t have said anything if this happened to a Sharon or other girl he wasn’t interested in.

Hmm!! Hmm!! Maybe. I don’t actually think he’s ever going to like anyone though??? Let alone Chloe. Well also don’t think Chloe’s gonna be into him more like.

I just don’t get the Hugo dislike. He’s a bit cringe and soft but don’t 100% think he’s a bad person!

Toby on the other hand :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

He’s jumping at the chance to play hero but he doesn’t give a shit about how Toby acted

seen on Reddit: “I have Sims who manage things on their own better than Toby and they set their houses on fire” hahahaha


Hugo i think does care about Chloe and her feelings being hurt…

buuuuuuuut with a very very hefty dose of ulterior motive!!!

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That’s Love Island

I don’t think that’s true! Surely he’s formed quite close relationships with the girls now and does care if they’re upset.

Toby acted appallingly and humiliated Chloe when he didn’t need to. Toby can’t be surprised that someone’s called him out about it so not sure why he’s getting aggy or more likely why Faye seemed annoyed by Hugo doing that?

Tobys brain trying to form a sentence is a wonderful thing to watch.

Hope Hugo doesn’t backtrack now, regardless of his intentions the whole boy/girl groups need breaking down and mixing up a bit.

Only just caught up with last night! HUGO!!! What was that!? An all-time Love Island moment for sure (in an otherwise unmemorable series)

Still can’t stand Hugo and he ruined the speech slightly with all the “stranger things have happened” stuff. It’s like he’s been holding out for Chloe all this time. I saw someone on Twitter compare him with Andrew Lincoln’s character in Love Actually when he’s secretly in love with Kiera Knightley, and that is exactly it.

Toby though… what an absolute mug. His complete lack of empathy is quite something. I thought Chloe was completely spot on in their argument, even if she should reflect a little on how Kaz must have felt before. I don’t like how the guys keep falling back on “I didn’t like her reaction” as an excuse for dumping the girls, invariably after they’ve done something to warrant the reaction.

Faye was also a bit weird yesterday, telling Toby that Hugo is just jealous because he doesn’t have girls chasing him… It feels a bit hypocritical given how she backed Kaz and she clearly just applies different principles to people she likes and doesn’t like.

BASICALLY nobody came out of that looking good :sweat_smile:


This ^^^^^

The reaction stuff is really weird and a bit worrying imo. It’s like they’re copying each other in that opinion. God forbid someone actually fiery comes in like a Olivia or Anna or Maura from previous series

I’m being generous and putting Toby’s awfulness down to youth and immaturity


100% on the Love Actually thing. Actually creeps me out. I would also say there’s something to the fact that he got rebuffed by a lot of the girls early on. Feel really terrible for poor Georgia, sent in to be grilled and judged on her disastrous love life (“5 years single? Blimey, why’s that then? What’s gone wrong there?”) and then even when she’s been sent home, she’s an after thought. Also, Chloe has been bottom every time the audience has chosen, she should have gone.

Chloe wanted to be an agent of horny chaos! This is the chaos! It was all “this is the game” when she was giving it, clearly she didn’t play the game well enough that Toby isn’t aligned on their strategy or wasn’t locked down into exclusivity. Maybe Abi should be in the nawwty trio instead.