Love Island Australia

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Isnt John James on this?

He is. I only found out tonight he’s from Big Brother.

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What’s he like?

“Patapas” :laughing:

I’ve not really noticed him tbh, he’s kind of in the background.

That really started to grate on me

Can’t decide if I really can’t stand her or if I might end up thinking she’s great

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Only realised last night that it’s a repeat from 2018. Still gonna watch it though. Just gonna try not to look at spoilers

Yeah I’m not sure yet.

Patapas with cabbage and steamed tomatoes anyone?

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I really want to look up Tayla because I feel like I’ve seen her in an advert but I don’t want to see any spoilers

Oh yeah I keep forgetting this aired and isn’t live!

Do you watch Below Deck? Francoise reminds me of Hannah (I think it’s the eyes)

I’ve decided that Erin’s good value

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Love Island Austrailia Season 1 might be the best Love Island season of all. I highly recommend not looking up any spoilers or reading anything about it.

I like it a lot. Unfortunately I stupidly found out the man who wins.

Got some observations - interestingly it’s was shot in 2018:

  • sex is kind of normalised compared to the UK version, they don’t make a big deal of it
  • did find it weird last night that (spoilers) they sent two people to the hideaway that weren’t in an established relationship, thought that was a little bit risky
  • Tayla invented Fanny Flutters not Maura!
  • How come we haven’t seen the villa cats in the U.K. version?!

I’ll stop myself from saying anything about the ending for the time being.

Two other subplots I remember enjoying / enjoying getting angry about:

  • It’s weird and infuriating how much Erin hates Millie for absolutely no reason at all.
  • I remember sincerely hoping that Justin and Millie remained lifelong friends. It seemed like one of the most genuine friendships on reality tv.

I miss this stupid show so much.

Millie: why have you never had a girlfriend? Is it you? Is there something wrong with you?

Nice way to chat a bloke up :joy:

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I cannot believe they didn’t save Justin!

Fuck I just clicked on this forgetting I’m an hour behind

Oh shit!! Sorry