☀ ❤🥑 💋 🍸 Love Island Jan 2023 ☀ ❤🥑 💋 🍸

Lets Go Goodbye GIF by StickerGiant

… in an hour

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Don’t know how enthused I can be about this. They’re all having training now so all the horrible, watchable things should in theory have been scrubbed out.

So see you all for the fallout of Casa Amor yeah?

The first episode is always fun though!

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Not going to be impress if this 1st episode is shit now.

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literally just having to walk out in front of 5/6 strangers who weigh you up on first glance along with whether you seem desperate enough to like them back in context of other people doing the same, it’s my biggest nightmare


Kinda feels like the last one was on really recently but also ages ago at the same time

into the intro

there is no ibiza anthem they’re not up for ruining, including Eiffel 65

They always make out like the villa’s had a big makeover but it always looks the same

Fucking itvx. Quite a feat to make something that was shit to begin with worse and sound like a porn channel.

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Darren’s gone back in

a gammon is a gammon is a gammon

Oooh this guy is famous on TikTok!

he’s a gammon right?

Darren? Don’t know why I thought that was his name. Andrew I was thinking of. Doesn’t really look like him though nvm

Will? I’m not sure. I mean probably, given he’s a young farmer

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it’s… ron

Why would you choose Ron over Ronnie

noticeably scaling back on the juiced guys this year :eyes: