Love Island

Love the way you’re all pretending you’re not watching it.


I am :grinning:

Liam Gallagher is

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its quite odd how big its got considering the original series was so widely panned

I am still watching Big Brother btw. juicy one tonight

But TOWIE and Geordie Shore etc have happened since the original series - I think the young demographic is significantly different to 2005. Plus it quite knowingly takes the piss out of itself now.

Yeah fair does. Also i suppose its more enjoyable than seeing Beppe di Marco trying to get on Rebecca Loos

I’m watching The Lobster, I imagine it’s pretty similar.


On paper it’s not the kind of thing I watch and I’m not watching it.



god, has that made a comeback? Remember watching a few episodes of that in the mid 00s that had George Best’s son in it. Thought it was proper bottom of the barrel stuff even then.

stick a good film on instead I say.

dont put all your eggs in one basket - give it a go !

I mean I dont know myself if its worth watching

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I made me and my housemate drinking bingo cards

Pretty much sums up every episode

Ok so who do we want to win at this stage:

  • Jonilla
  • Garcel

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That was heartbreaking :sweat:

Arggghh when Camilla said she was close to never letting anyone in again :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

Kem, gabby, marcel, Montana and camilla to stay, the rest can get fucked.

Lol tomorrow night is gonna be mental.

You are correct with those names being the best.

they are discussing love island language on bbc breakfast and i want to die

Is the show not your type on paper?

why would it be on paper? it’s a tv show!!!