Love Record Store Day Saturday 20th June

Anyone logging on at 9am for this? Tim Burgess (Music hero of the Lockdown) is the ambassador. I’m hoping to get the reprint of ‘Oh No I Love You’, alongside Midlake’s ‘Courage of Others’.

If you are partaking what online record store will you be giving your custom to?

It would probably be Piccadilly Records or Drift but, there was absolute naff all that tempted me. Quite disappointing really.

Had a look but the majority of it is either repressed of stuff I have or not for me at all. A bunch of it was already available already too.
£40 for a picture disk of definitely maybe? No thanks.

haven’t had a look at this stuff really but the local independent record shops here all seem to be reopening this weekend. i hadn’t really planned to go anywhere near town or any non-food shops for another while but considering taking a trip in now as they could probably do with a bit of custom. hmm.

Bending sound and Sv had both been doing free delivery within a few mile radius if heading outs an issue. These things are meant to be online anyway

I thought the stuff record stores did during lockdown was better than the stuff coming out this weekend. Got an Arca test pressing for a start and filled in a couple of gaps.

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This isn’t ‘record store day’ btw this is a separate thing labels are taking on themselves to do. Rad has been split into smaller ‘drops’ now and a lot of the albums are just being made available normally. The Neil young LP our tomorrow was meant to be an rad item for example. Phoebe Bridget’s and Owen are our this week anyway so that’s my cash spent lol

Spellcheck murdered this post but u get the idea

i knew Bending Sound were doing free delivery (but i’m outside their zone), didn’t think SV were doing it. Voodoo Soup is reopening too, i was eyeing up a Damaged Bug record in there before they closed

will be wearing a mask etc if i do go in. may potentially leave it a week or two but we’ll see.

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Hmmm thought they were or click n collect at least.
Stay safe mate :+1: