Love the way I hardly ever wash my hair now

Like once a week I’ll wash it with shampoo and conditioner. Otherwise just water. My hair looks fucking shit after washing it.

You keep it cut short I guess?

It’s not long.

Mine gets greasy too quickly to wash less than every other day i find. :slightly_frowning_face:

My hair looks complete shit without grease, I need grease

I’ve got thick hair and it just feels horrible when I don’t wash it every day


Ah yeah you’re right it probably looks okay but I constantly put my hands on my hair while thinking at work and hate that greasy feel.

Same here. Really thick hair. If I skip a day of hair washing it starts to feel horrible.


Have this, with the added bonus of it being curly, so it tangles really badly :+1:

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Haven’t washed my hair since 2016

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I am also a long time member of #teamnopoo

Not like I’ve got much - just get it wet in the shower every day.

Thought for a second you meant you never pooed.


That too - Ying to @Epimer 's Yang if you will

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Full disclosure



Fuck! We’ve been invaded by an actual Knight of the Realm!


I also wash my hair about once a week. I’ve got lots of hair but it’s dry I guess.

Just find it too much hassle to do more often, what with all the hair. Also have to plan around it in wintertime if I plan on ever foing outside.


And who’s expensive conditioner are you using hun? Cos I sure don’t see you buying any


I’m a bald man with hair

Same, quite like the grease. Mother Nature’s Dax man :v: :peace_symbol:

I only really wash my hair after cutting it although, as it happens, I washed it last night as I went to an event.

However I split my trousers before I got there and had to wear black jeans and hide in the shadows so my shimmering locks went unnoticed.