Love to hear your thoughts on beard oil

  • It’s fine
  • Exclusively for tw8ts
  • Hello joe!

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I use Proraso. Got a free sample bottle from my barbers owning mate, then I liked it so much I brought one.

Feels really nice


I would say ‘exclusively for tw8ts’ but I’ve never used it and my beard is a mess, so…dunno.


I know lots of people who use it who aren’t twats and they’d highly recommend it!


Just put some on now. My cheeks look positively resplendent


Of course, this doesn’t stop me mocking them for wearing it :slight_smile:


Also why is it seen as being for twats? Just sexism?


Beards have existed for many years without needing oils.


Music excited for many years without the soothing voice of Bon Iver but you can’t say it hasn’t made it better


What’s Bon Ivor? A new synth?


Along with beard rash and unhappy significant others


Mate, if you wanna oil your beard and eat ice cream I’m not gonna judge you


was given some as part of a joke secret santa present a couple of years ago. never used it. not sure what the point of it is, seems like a silly thing for someone to actually buy themselves. i don’t have a long beard though so i’m guessing its purpose is lost on me


Sounds a bit Matt off Masterchef


I use a ‘beard balm’ product on mine. Felt like a bit of a twat at first for using it but I think it does look better as a result. People have been using product in their hair for decades and nobody bats an eyelid; don’t really see the difference.


pretty dreadful logic.


do people still have beards ? I thought that was a bit 2014 ? must be out of touch.


Going to save my hot take on this til everyone’s back at work if that’s ok


If only this serious thread had more serious replies


I very rarely shave (maybe 100 times in the last decade) because I’m relatively comfortable with what I look like without feeling the need to focus on it much day to day. Other people like to spend a lot of time of their appearance and maybe beard oil’s for them. Seems like a silly product to me, but then I’m sure my vanity/insecurity plays out in different ways which others would find daft.