Love ❤️


I get why it’s a bit icky but I also think love is like bigger than politics really isn’t it? That’s what Jesus said! I suppose it’s fair though because love has nothing to do with making money and selling stuff, right?!


Fuck Johnny Depp


Hey Johnny

Play your guitar wrong

Take off your silly necklace

And have a shit in the desert



so much to love about life really isn’t there? Great food, great music, fun videogames, sunshine, sex, companionship, solving a tricky maths puzzle, running really fast downhill.

Sorry I know this isn’t what your thread is about but still.

Love <3


I don’t understand “love is bigger than politics”


yes not sure about the love/politics thing - isn’t the article simply just saying ‘why would you use an (alleged) abuser of women as a figurehead for a campaign about love?’


Well I mean Coco Chanel seemed to be happy to hang with Nazis and the concept of where fur comes from doesn’t ever register, so maybe fashion houses are just run by people who only care about fashion rather than principles?


Just as the Nazis were limbering up in America, Supreme released their white strat.


Abusers use love to excuse what they’re doing which is why this is quite awful.


Yeah I saw you posting that somewhere else. Truly they have fucking zero awareness.

"Hugo Boss? Yeah, a bunch of fascists want you to design uniforms for them to wear while oppressing people.“
Hugo Boss hears " … … … … … … design uniforms … … … … … …”


‘what does love mean to me? alibi/lessening of media scrutiny’


Give me Lenin over Jesus anyday


Thought this might be about the film “Love” that I found on Netflix the other day. Absolute FILTH! I had to watch it 3 or 4 times to be certain of how filthy it was.

Not sure what it was about.


I think this belongs here:


prime minister material


“the chicken was on the table and he was doing the sex to it”


Seeing the phrase ‘balls deep’ in print has done me.


there but for the grace of god…



It’s the little sausage on the side that makes it