Lovely books

I said I had an idea for a thread, and I’ve just got in. Sorry for my tardiness @Witches.

Anyway, anyone got any particularly lovely books? I think I’m mostly looking at non-fiction, coffee table style books. I bloody love books, got boxes and boxes in the attic, mostly all my fiction stuff as I thought I was less likely to want them while I’m staying here. I’ve got some with me though, for inspiration, etc. Books that look nice, books that make me laugh, books that mean something. Books!

Here are some of my favourites:

Love the Perry Bible Fellowship, and this is the smart book he made of all of them, a while ago. Perfect coffee table fodder.

One of my bibles at uni, and decent to dip into now. Some of the design work is a bit 10 years ago but the theories and workflows always get me thinking.

My other bible at uni. Just amazing for reference, but full of amazing stuff for anyone to enjoy I reckon.

The Art of Walt Disney. How could it not be amazing? Cost me £70 - worth every penny.

This is a graphic novel, so I suppose it’s fiction. Absolute work of art, and darkly funny. The bestbest kind of funny.

This is a comic, but split into a load of different formats telling different aspects of the story. Incredible. There’s even a tiny little book telling the story from the perspective of a bee. A fucking bee! Love shit like this.

Dude knows how to spaff out a decent verse.

Surprisingly interesting book about punctuation parks. I know… It really is great though, and is nicely put together.

Here’s my nice books shelf, because I’ve gone on long enough.

Sorry for the massive OP. Show me your lovely books!


Some typos in there thanks to my phone, and I can’t correct them. We’ll all have to live with them together, friends.

Other than some nice photobooks / kids books
Infinite city by Rebecca Solnit. it’s about san Francisco. never been there but still lovely book

this one has loads of good pictures


That Chris Ware book thing is supposed to be amazing. Which is no mean feat considering how ambitious it is. Every review I read when it came out was positive.


A lovely book about lovely books…

Big fan of Gestalten. This one’s my favourite- contains fantastic shots of Studio on Fire’s letterpress print work.

General lovely books shelf…

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This is the most ridiculously big coffee-table book I own (child used for proportion). I don’t even have a table big enough for it! Crazily expensive for a whim as well.

I got this for my twentyfirst. Really nice binding with beautiful illustrations. Think it’s worth a fair bit now.

This is the one I covet the most. It’s pretty damn rare. Last collection of short stories, poems, and paintings (not in colour print alas).

I’ll flick through the Blake book regularly and be amazed that he did absolutely everything himself - the printing, colouring etc. He made totally unique versions so I’m jealous of whoever’s wound up with those. The birds of paradise book is just really elegantly made, with that slip over of the cover etc. It’s nice and these birds are incredible. Drawings are a bit…dry for my tastes though!

This was lying around a Riad when I went to Morocco and the pictures were just so amazing I had to get it when I got back.


And this is a great thread by the by!

Oosh, lovely stuff all round here. Spending a decent amount on a nice book never seems quite as painful as other things. Fully condoned :ok_hand:

Amusingly similar shelf to mine. Just My Type is great, did you see the BBC programme the other week about Johnstone/Gill?

They are pretty similar, aren’t they? Imagine there are more people on hear that could post much the same! Just My Type is great- really well written! Missed the programme (this is the first I’ve heard of it). Will have to have a look and see if it’s on iplayer!

Always thought the term don’t judge a book by it’s cover was made by inferior graphic designers.

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These are probably my five favourite lovely books that I own:





That soviet bus stop books :heart_eyes:

I’ve got that Wes Anderson one, and The Grand Budapest Hotel one. Absolutely lovely for a fanboy such as myself.


His films are so built to be dissected, poured over, and gawped at in print!

Did they talk about Eric Gill having sex with his dogs?

Enormous fan of this one as well actually, could be swapped with Larousse Gastronomique in my post easily:

I’ll take a pic of my shelves when I get in.

Just ordered this - scans of Chicago gang calling cards from the 70s/80s.

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Not in detail, but there were a few mentions of his sexual promiscuity/naughtiness with his family, etc.

Dodgy fucker.

Here is the current shelf setup for the lovely books (subject to change as I’m not sure we’ve quite got our new living room set up properly yet):


Denton Welch! I want that book! (I think he’s a really great writer, never really looked at his paintings though)