Lovely books

Very nice. Any 33 1/3 books you’d particularly recommend? I’ve got Doolittle and Paul’s Boutiques. Wanted to get OK Computer but I heard it was just someone essentially describing the songs, and apparently Dummy isn’t as good as it should be.

Big fan of the Illmatic, Donuts and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy ones. The ones on the shelf are a mixture of mine and my gf’s so there’s a lot of her boring album ones in there too.

Apparently the Master of Reality one is good - by the guy from Mountain Goats.

I have loads of these on my Amazon Wish List.

What a lovely thread.

My amazon wishlist is swelling massively thanks to this. Can’t wait to have the gf laugh at me for wanting a book on Soviet bus stops.


Ahhh lovely books!

Building Stories is an amazing piece of work.

Got this one for the GF:



You should be able to get it for about £20 now. It’s well worth it.

@Mistersteve, have you also got The Art Of Looking Sideways?

That seemed to be a bit of a bible for all the designers I know when I was at uni.

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Just ordered The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil - that sounds like exactly my kind of caper…

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Very easy to know you’re at a graphic designers house by the bookshelf. Always loads of carefully arranged, but unread, copies of Monocle.

Dozens of card tubes containing unframed prints under the bed another giveaway.

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Not got many coffee table style books but these are a couple of favourites;
The details in some of these paintings is incredible

Love a bit of HR Giger

Anatomies of fictitious creatures;

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Reminds me (a little bit) of

He actually started off painting and only took up writing after the accident that eventually led to his death! It’s really hard to find much on his works though, which is shame because they are just as wonderful and ornate as you’d expect. His poems aren’t bad either! I’ve also got Brave and Cruel, which is all the other bits of his writing that aren’t in print any more.

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I am FASCINATED by the Voynich manuscript. It’s this amazing sprawling 15th century book that’s full of something that looks like writing, but which no-one has ever been able to translate.

It’s mostly writing initially, then starts having things that look like star charts appear. But they’re star charts that bear no relation to any sky that’s ever been seen by human eyes.

Then it moves onto pictures of plants along with the text… but the plants are like nothing ever seen.

Then, for the last third or so, it’s full of all these weird drawings of naked people cavorting in rivers and fountains and ends with a combination of the naked people, the flowers, and the charts.

The first ever full replica edition of it was published over the last year. I love going through it because the whole thing is so baffling. It’s too complex to be a hoax, but everything about it is so alien that it can’t be anything other than a hoax.


That sounds awesome. Have you seen Utopia? Maybe there’s a whole meaning behind this relating to something world-changing. Probably should get on some chat rooms.

I’ve got this, I’d completely forgotten or I’d have put it in my post! It is fascinating, was it just some fantasy, a fever dream, a treatise from a visiting alien or just an intricate gag, will we ever find out?

In a similar vein but nowhere near as old (originally published in 1981) and probably inspired by the Voynich manuscript (made up language and alienesque illustrations) is the Codex Seraphinianus, I’ve got a PDF copy off the internet but would like a hardcopy at some point ;

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Ha! That looks like great fun. Shame it appears to be £90 to buy.

Quite, which is why I don’t have a physical version. Worth downloading the PDF that’s floating around the internet to have a gander at.

this is probably my favourite, most hardback Alasdair Grey books are good but this has most pictures

also got this which I like

dunno what else. a raymond pettibon book, some other stuff.

Haha we had to buy this for our course.

My mum is good friends with the person who designs those fancy Penguin covers. She wanted to leave Penguin but they said they’d let her write and design her own book if she stayed so she did and it’s really beautiful. I have a copy and love having a look at it every now and then.

This is the book


And some of her Penguin covers