Lovely books

Love those covers - bought a few of those editions purely because to them!

Fox and the Star is a beautiful lovely book!

Her work’s so great.

She did the artwork for this Orange Juice print that I really need to hang on my wall:


Got this for a friend for his birthday, lovely looking book

One of my wife’s christmas presents last year

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I have plenty of books, but not sure which ones look particularly nice/different, other than this book from Jonathan Safran Foer, which is made from chopping out holes/words of another novel that he liked and making it into a new story. It just means lots of delicate page turning is required to make sure it doesn’t tear. I did get to meet him and get it signed this year, so that’s especially nice.

I have colour co-ordinated my bookshelf though:



None of this is in order because I’m doing it from my phone in the car. Sorry about that.

Those shelves bring joy to my heart! Book looks fascinating as well.

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We’ve done our bookshelf by colour too. It’s getting a bit overwhelmed by the black covers, got to the point where I almost won’t buy a book with a bloody black spine.


Haha, yes, that’s why I put my black cover ones at the bottom, to hide them away a bit!

I have that copy! Bloody love it for exactly those reasons

love this

and this photobook on cryonics





forgive the mess, it’s more of a playroom for my nieces these days.

Where can I get that first one
looks a lovely book

found it at huddersfield market its from the olden days I’m afraid

Is anyone else reading this thread title in A Father Ted voice?

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Of course, they all have lovely spines.

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Great thread. Got me going through some of my books which mostly sit there and never get looked at.

This was a recent purchase. Love it.

Quite like these two too.

New shelf I put up the other day which is quite sparse still

General shelves

Little robot man thing that arrived the other day

Book signed by some old has been designer.


This is my all time favourite, a collection of maps of the US ranging from early half guessed maps, to functional ones, to pure works of art:

I think there are other ones of different countries/regions which I really need to get.

Also this awesome book of Japanese folk tales with nice playful layouts and lots of little illustrations (also raw edges on the pages, which is lovely):