Lovely day today


and only going to get better over the weekend.

Enjoy, everybody!

My pleasure.


cheers mate, and yourself !!


Might go for a walk over the weekend to see if the bluebell woods are out.


Already had an argument about the upcoming good weather this weekend.


only ok here


Thanks Balonz.

I will walk to the cinema this evening and probably will spends 45 minutes in a park on Sunday


hope so, I’m playing some tennis tomorrow


take care, be good, bye bye!


have a good one lonzo


If you can get yourself down to Winkworth Arboretum you will see some spectacular bluebell action.

I’m off to Cliveden House for the first time.


had lunch in the garden yesterday, might even buy some ice creams for the weekend now I have seen the forecast.

Thanks Balonz!


i may go out to epping forest this weekend!!


What time do we come over for the BBQ? I’m especially looking forward to testing out your new toilet seat, Ive started taking Imodium now to ensure I will have a good load for it.


I’m going to stay inside snorting antihistamines and eating Rustlers burgers in my pants.



Balonz House,
The Street
Village Town


These are the closest to us, about ten minute’s walk:


ooh eck i actually do have a bbq this weekend as well


What’s happened to all the wasps? Back in my day you couldn’t enjoy a Twister on a hot day without wasps appearing from all angles, haven’t seen a wasp for a while (barring an exceptional occassion in which my brother in law and I killed 15 (fifteen) in a 10 minute period at my parents house)


First Frensham trip of the year?


I think they all went to the water-filled jam jar in the sky.