Lovely day


Glorious isn’t it, just went out for lunch without a jacket!

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Just got paid,
Stack it up,
Be on my way

I’m in the garden in a t-shirt and my second load on to dry.

Really lovely day

It’s okay up here, not lovely though.

@VincentAdultman was telling me it’s much nicer in London today than yesterday, and I’ve no reason to doubt him.


Although not in London I am sharing a weather system and he is spot on.

who is @VincentAdultman

i figured it out once but i’ve forgotten again. can’t keep track of new names.

Very nice in Sheffield today, had a sandwich in the peace gardens, some students were sharing a jazz cigarette like it was no big deal

I thought it was someone else but I was wrong

I know who it is now

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If doesn’t seem to be the most effective way of drying tshirts.

Cycled into work in just a jersey this morning #nocoat

I don’t think it’s my place to reveal. Safe to say he’s an old friend.

It ain’t no thing, grandad

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Very very warm on my lunchtime cycle in. Loads of people still in hi viz jackets and that. Silly.

Really should have put some washing on and hung it on the line.

I have an incredibly hot body.

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thanks you are helping me a lot

It’s tawps awff in Cambridge