Lovely things


Here’s something lovely. It’s all nice, but the last paragraph really tips it over the edge into excellence:



Great story, plenty more great stories where that came from in An Alternative Reality: The Football Manager Documentary available now on DVD, Blu-Ray and selected streaming services!





Oh fuck now I’m going to cry in the office




are you in this film at all, ant?


:slight_smile: I like their little hands! They also look like suspicious creatures!
10/10 would pet


Credited, no actual appearance (or royalty fees!) though


I didn’t even notice the dark one.

Do they live on chocolate corn flakes?


I’m not watching this, because it will make me cry. Much respect for Cena though.


I love how happy the Dad looks in this as well.


I love him. And yeah, it will definitely make you cry.


Saw it when I was at my most emotionally detatched a few months ago and it moved me even then. Totally understand why he polarises people, but it would take someone with a heart of granite not to have respect for the stuff he does outside of a wrestling ring.


Yeah, properly teared up at this one.


Yeah this. Videos of people hearing, or seeing or things like this for the first time always bring a tear to my eye


On a similar theme, get those tissues ready.