Lovers of fizzy water

Hullo DiS. Thought I’d tap the hive mind here; We are big fans of fizzy water in our house and can get through 4 x 2ltr bottles of own-brand supermarket sparkling per week. Seeing as single use plastic is now pure evil we are keen to avoid the amount of empty bottles we are generating each week (of course they go into mixed recycling… even still). Is a soda stream thingy our only option here? What do other folk do??


Just don’t drink it, isn’t it.

Install a fizzy water tap?

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I also buy four 2ltr bottles from Bo’s and should do something different.



Glass bottles.

I know, they’re like 20p a bottle or some such. Hard not to destroy the planet at that price

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Belu are glass bottles and they donate money to Wateraid iirc

Oh god, that moment when you’re out for dinner and you pour some water and take a big gulp and it turns out to be fizzy water :open_mouth::nauseated_face::face_vomiting:


Same issue here but with soda water. Should look into where one can get soda water in glass bottles. Or perhaps cans.

We have a soda stream. I really like it because you can make it EXTRA bubbly and also you’re saving on plastic consumption.

My housemate hasn’t bought gas for it for ages though.

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Do you like fizzy water?

  • I am extremely classy so yes
  • I am not at all classy so no

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What IS the difference?
I’m partial to an Aperol spritz at 5pm on a weekend and theres never any bloody soda water in my sainos. So I get san pelly. Comes out the same.

Caveat: I only really like it with loads of ice and 2 wedges of squeezed lime.

really want one of these, ffs should have got one installed with the kitchen

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That only makes you classier IMO

Thank you.

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I have a bit of a habit of opening bottles of fizzy water NOT over the sink. Major explosions have happened.

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Same! This aint no lemonade

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I think any citrus fruit in a glass of fizzy water is an extremely classy thing to drink so let’s not fight please.

Nope. No no no.

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Shame, I always had both you and Desk down as being a bit classier than this