Low camping chair

Any advantage over standard height? Many thanks.

How high are the arms?

So high (feeling… SO HIGH)

closer to nature


I think that looks like I wouldn’t especially enjoy to sit down on it

Things we lost in the fire


My wife’s desperate for them, don’t know why.

This is a refernce to the band Low

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Alright to sit down in, nightmare to stand up from

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I think my days of camping are very much over but I think a normal camping chair looks better all round really

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Is it that when you’re drunk and you fall off*, you’re closer to the ground?

*Because there’s no tv to watch and no mobile signal where you’ll be camping, so all there is to do is drink

I guess you could just roll out of them and into your sleeping bag

lower centre of gravity, harder to topple. can withstand a higher degree of base plane setup inclination.

some joke about duluth husband/wife slowcore rockers

where bounce u goin camping hun?

See you in Cornwall on the 29th

Should be whittling your own chair

Idea for new tv show: Whittlers World

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Scrap that

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Idea for new tv show:

SCRAP THAT! ft. Balinz