Low-key favourite thing(s) about a country you've visited/lived in


France - table football in nearly every bar, incredible motorway-side restaurants, boulangerie pizza


Scotland - great pakora


Croatia - good Radler


Sweden - hot dogs as the go-to street snack


Turkey - traffic lights that count down the time until they change to red/green.


I’m quite hungry.


The Netherlands - consistent, regular speed-limit signs


Italy - these little vans


The horses in Iceland. Absolute GBOL.


UK: Pubs


France/Italy/Spain - pretty much everywhere incl service stations serve good coffee unlike this shitbox, brexit hellhole we live in


Wales - go karting is called ‘cartio’


Spain - the weather


Basic trust in other human beings
Affordable living costs
Non-all pervasive police force compared to Britain

(any country I’ve been to)


Spain - lack of punditry/analysis during football matches and porno coming on the TV at 9pm.


Japan - rather than handing out flyers that invariably end up chucked on the floor 10 metres on, advertising is on packs of pocket tissues so a) you’re not going to throw them away and b) you never have to buy tissues…


Denmark: Part of Scandinavia, but with amazing beaches.


Germany - the offies with the outdoor seating
Spain - dunno if its just a primavera thing but those men on the street selling single cans



Germany + most other European countries - money for bringing bottles back


Clearly you’re not drinking enough Irn Bru.