Low Key Nemeses [LKN]

what the fuck is this? :grinning:

It’s an adaptation of the Alan Garner book:

It’s never too late to skate


Don’t you care about Linzi you monster?

Couldn’t give a fuck

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Linzi’s mother is gonna be maaaaaad when she reads this.

Probably DCMS at the moment.

The headteacher of my secondary school. My dad was a governer, and he stepped down after they fell out over whether or not to expel someone for getting stoned during school hours (my dad was against, good lad). She decided to take it out on me, making my last year at school pretty much unbearable.

I wasn’t a troublemaker at all but if I set a foot wrong and had to have a meeting with a teacher, she would find an excuse to miraculously pop up in the meeting. I complained about being singled out like this and she just outright lied about it. I fucking hated her and for years I harboured this fantasy of bumping into her in the street and saying all the shit I wished I’d been able to say when I was at school. I’m actually getting angry just thinking about her. The queen made her a fucking Dame, too.

This one is pretty tragic. I had a period of unemployment when I lived at home and didn’t want my mum to know so I would go out in the morning as usual but split my day between the library, a local coffee shop and s cafe and I had a favourite seat in each (near the back, cosy, near a plug) but this old lady was almost always in the same place and after the same seats, would feel a frisson of satisfaction when I beat her to it and irritation when I didn’t, she was definitely a low key nemesis