Low key thread for people who can't keep up with 200 new posts an hour

Maybe we should all have a competition to write the least popular new thread.

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Different people browse here in different ways I guess. Not fussed about muting, usually go by threads I’m tracking and the new threads list, so hardly notice things I’m not bothered with.

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Reckon we are due another thread where we write stuff down and post pictures to converse, those are nice and slow.

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I completely understand if people mute the How Good threads, it’s not what some people enjoy and that’s fine :grinning: Might move them to the music boards tbh.

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Done my bit here.

I mute normally because I’ll make the mistake of reading like first 50 posts in a big thread, then say I cba with this. Then the little bubble pops up with about 450 still to get read, so I just go straight to bottom and hit mute to basically eliminate the little blue bubble of unreads. Basically I’m a lazy loser.

Christ there’s 500 new posts in the Disney thread since I last looked.

That is excessive.

I love the HGATR threads! But then you’re only discussing one artist at a time. Mark Kozelek.


I feel bad though NY cause I know you love discussing music and the threads get away from you before you’ve even woken up!

Can’t believe how much faster DiS has got in the last year. Used to take ages for a thread to spin out into 500+ replies *, now it’s maybe less than a day


This might not be true

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I’m enjoying dipping in and out of those threads but I do struggle to keep up. I’ve no idea how anyone in those threads still has a job tbh. That much furious typing with zero work to show for it would raise all the eyebrows round 'ere. All of them.


don’t worry about them on my accord buddy! Keep up your good work.

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In all seriousness: they are a lot of fun. I cant keep up with a zillion discussions about the relative merits of dozens of Disney films or chocolate bars. It’s the thread equivalent of everyone talking at once, and I find it a bit of an overload tbh.


True. I think it’s the frenetic switching between topics that overwhelms me in stuff like the WC threads, especially as I often have to go an hour or more between logging on because of work.

This. Also, the Sugababes thread was ages ago

They had a song called Overload you see

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off to work, enjoy your day folks.


Enjoy knocking things down!

Like members of Chumbawamba?

Like perfect blue buildings

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