Low level anarchy

At school we started using an unused locker next to where we stood about as a bin. Then we escalated to putting milk, fish etc in it, and in the knowledge that they didn’t normally cut off padlocks until after the summer holidays, locked it up.

Next year the entire bank of lockers was gone and there was a massive disgusting greasy mark on the wall behind it. You used to see teachers patrolling the area to see who it was that hung about there but obviously we were criminal masterminds so moved our spot to just out of sight.


This is the post that’s going to sink my future political career, isn’t it.


yes, but it also certifies you as a hardcore anarchist legend


Snitches get stitches

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I sneak an extra espresso into my flat white from the work canteen coffee machine when the cashier has their back turned.

Also, I didn’t pay for a train season ticket for three months. I inevitably had to buy a full price ticket every second day when the conductor managed to get to me, but I reckon I still saved a few pounds each month.

Not paying for public transport when you should is not “low level anarchy”, it is an act of pure selfishness that results in other people having to pay more in order to keep to public transport system going.


love this

When my housemate is away, I don’t immediately put uneaten food in the bin because the dog isn’t around to eat it. What a rebel!!

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I would normally agree, but I live on Scotrail’s Fife Circle line which for six months barely provided a service. Trains were cancelled or shortened to the extent that no-one could get on them every single day. I lost literally days of flexi time during the period because their ‘service’ was fucking atrocious. It wasn’t worth a fucking penny, let alone the extortionate amount they charged.


I don’t have a choice.

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[quote=“dktrfaustus, post:33, topic:40730, full:true”]Stop acting the big man

Oh fuck off with your high and mighty bullshit. It was on national news each week because it was causing so many problems, despite increased funding, staffing and rolling stock for every other line in Scotland.

Currently wearing socks that are a size or two too big and the heel bit doesnt align with mine


Ooooh pine nuts


This is just good sense. I hate when I forget to grab it from the fridge before going home (especially because I sit beside the fridge)

If a restaurant provides someone with an awful meal, which they still ate, would they never be entitled to complain and try to get it for free or at a discount?

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Scan my saffron as lower priced herbs and spices.


You can’t compare a restaurant, which effectively is a luxury, to the provision of a train service, something that benefits the whole of society (e.g. increased mobility, reduced CO2 emissions, improved social cohesion, etc).

Public transport is defined as a public good, since people cannot effectively be excluded from consuming it, and an additional passenger will not reduce the availability to others. The problem of fare dodging arises since fare evaders, passengers who do not pay for the public transport, increase the cost for other parties.

All people that travel the same route suffer from the same poor service. Why should some of those people arbitrarily be entitled to a free ride?

And if you think public transport is an essential service for an equal society, shouldn’t you make an appropriate contribution when you use it?

How about a succulent Chinese one?

Life is arbitrary and always will be. Sometimes when I get on the bus the machine is broken and the driver lets me on for free - I don’t go out of my way to make him take my money anyway. As long as there’s usually a system then a few one off mistakes/variations are fine.

And I agree but I don’t judge someone too harshly for not paying for a poor service on occasion, assumng it’s not something they regularly try to do. What can I say, I’m permissive :man_shrugging:


That counts as regular.