Low level curses


I hope your hair dryer breaks down and you’ve got to leave the house in the next 10 minutes.

I hope you end up repeatedly going to the urinals at the same time as a nasty looking person and it becomes increasingly awkward.

I hope you can’t find the manual for the boiler.


Bloody hell


I hope you can’t find the wrestling gif you were looking for to express anger with me


Never seen any horry patter sorry


i hope you buy AAA batteries when you needed AA


Really annoyed I can’t find a photo of that Future of the Left album on a low shelf.


In thy bardes tonge:

“You whoreson cullionly barber-monger!”


Sorry! I thought this was the high level curses thread



i hope you get your feet wet taking out the bins.


I hope you post your curses on Twitter and everyone berates you for using a dated meme


i hope you continue to read twitter, thus casting your time and happiness into an endless void


can’t see this idea taking off I’m afraid


I hope you need a shit every time you get in the bath


this is, in itself, a good low level curse


I hope you die horribly…In a dream!11!


I hope you lock yourself out when you’re desperate for a wee

I hope you bump into someone you hate when you look like shit


Nothing worse than needing a shit in the bath is there?

  1. Baths are great and shitting is, while occasionally quite satisfying, generally not great
  2. Having to wipe probably still slightly damp bum
  3. The heightened awareness if you return to the bath that baths mean you’re bathing in your own diluted filth


Hairdryers are pretty unnecessary.

I hope your socks lose elasticity around your ankles


Speak for yourself. Usually the highlight of my day